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  In thrillers, detectives are always analyzing blood splatter patterns, police officers in the Missing Persons Unit are having urgent meetings and protagonists, "bad guys" and cops alike are shooting guns at the exact right angle. So how do authors, whose typical work attire, as Hannah Jayne writes below, "includ[es] slippers and pajama pants" know how to create such believable, detail rich crime scenes? The Writer's Police Academy, of course! In this post, Hannah --- whose new book SEE JANE RUN came out January 1, 2014 --- describes a day in the life of this one-week camp in Greensboro, North Carolina, where authors are transformed into handcuff-wielding, body-searching, tough-as-nails versions of themselves.
Robin Wasserman's latest book, THE WAKING DARK, follows the story of a small town that is taken over by a force that causes good people to murder. Only one killer from killing day survived, and she doesn't even know why she killed...or if she'll do it again. In this blog post, Wasserman explores her insecurity with finding an idea --- or rather --- finding something to say.