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Archives - January 2019

January 28, 2019

The 2019 ALA Youth Media Awards

Posted by Rebecca M
Today is one of the biggest days of the year for young adult and children's literature: the announcement of the ALA Youth Media Awards. Each year the American Library Association honors the books, videos and other outstanding works that have released that year for kids and teens and are recognized worldwide for the high quality they represent. We've compiled all of the young adult awards announcements here, so read on to see which of your favorites made the cut and click here to see the children's awards announcements!
If you're itching for a genre-bending read about science, identity and heartbreak to kick off your 2019 TBR, look no further than Rebecca Hanover's debut novel, THE SIMILARS, which is now in stores. In this riveting book, the school year at Darkwood Academy becomes a lot more cutthroat as six new students join the junior class. But they aren't your regular ambitious teens. They're clones. Oh, and they're joining the class alongside their originals. Emmaline Chance, who is grieving the loss of her best friend Oliver, couldn't care less about the other students at Darkwood or their DNA copies --- until she meets Levi, Oliver's clone, and the sixth Similar. Ready to learn more about this explosive debut? Check out the book trailer below, and read on for more info about THE SIMILARS.