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Archives - May 2018

When author Chandra Prasad was growing up, she didn’t see people like her in American culture. As a mixed-race writer, Chandra Prasad became determined to change that. She contributed to, originated and edited MIXED: An Anthology of Short Fiction on the Multiracial Experience, and her debut young adult novel, DAMSELFLY, has a mixed-race female protagonist, among other mixed characters.
Lisa Brown Roberts is used to writing about relationships. With releases such as YA contemporary novels PLAYING THE PLAYER and HOW (NOT) TO FALL IN LOVE, readers have grown accustomed to getting swoon-worthy love stories with every new book she writes. But in her latest, SPIES, LIES AND, ALLIES, Lisa Brown Roberts decided to explore a different kind of relationship --- the father/daughter dynamic. In this touching blog post, Lisa Brown Roberts discusses how her own relationship with her father informed the one she wrote about in SPIES.
Author Jen Wilde burst onto the YA scene in 2017 with her debut, QUEENS OF GEEK, which celebrated not only the powerful bonds of fandom, but empowerment and the queer community as well. In Wilde's newest book, THE BRIGHTSIDERS, she explores celebrity, coming out and even more queer characters, including one who identifies as nonbinary. At once a cute romance, story of friendship and the delicious ins and outs of internet celebrity, THE BRIGHTSIDERS is a fantastically quirky book for your summer TBR. In this post, Jen Wilde discusses the importance of representation in her novels and supporting marginalized characters.