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Archives - April 2018

Scott Cunningham, whose book of poems, YA TE VEO: Poems (University of Arkansas Press), was part of the 2018 Miller Williams Poetry Prize series, has established himself not only as a champion of literature, but as an advocate for the advancement and promotion of Miami’s diverse culture throughout South Florida. His poetry festival, O, Miami, has captured the attention of local and non-local organizations looking to support his initiative. Teen Board member Rachel D. wanted to learn more about the man behind O, Miami --- Miami’s most prolific poetry festival --- and learn what it takes to go from poetry aficionado to major influencer. Read her interview with Scott below.
April 11, 2018 Reports from Houston’s TeenBookCon

Posted by Rebecca M
On March 24, 2018, teens and YA booklovers convened in sunny League City, Texas, to attend the ninth annual TeenBookCon. Established to celebrate and promote reading by connecting teens with authors, TeenBookCon caters to its teen readers first and foremost, giving them first priority in both seating and Q&A sessions --- and did we mention it's free? Last year, Teenreads reviewer Anushka Giri attended for the first time and enjoyed the event so much that she returned this year with a friend and fellow high school teacher, An. Anushka and An were dazzled by the convention's set-up, headliners and attendees. Read below for a breakdown of their experience at TeenBookCon, including which authors they loved the most, the panels that they will remember forever and the books they recommend.