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Archives - January 2018

One of the most important aspect of a novel is the setting: whether real or imagined, the setting must be crafted so expertly that the reader feels as though they are either visiting a new place for the first time or returning to someplace safe and familiar. While it is definitely difficult to create an entire world out of thin air, it is equally difficult to take a world readers know and flip it on its head. In this post, author Amber Hart explains how a visit to a swamp inspired the setting for her latest novel, WICKED CHARM.
In Lynn Slaughter's newest book, IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN YOU, teenage Clara is still struggling to deal with the murder of her twin sister, which occurred five months ago. Amidst the newfound and unwanted attention, the only thing keeping her sane is ghostwriting her school newspaper's advice column. But when she begins to receive threatening emails, it becomes clear that someone blames her for her sister's death. Now she must clear her name and solve her sister's murder before it's too late. In celebration of the novel's release, we are sharing an exclusive excerpt below. Read on to see where you can find other excerpts of this thrilling book!
One of the most popular resolutions people make at the start of every new year is to eat healthier and maybe hit the gym once or twice. But what do you do when your new favorite book ends on a cliffhanger or your OTP goes in separate directions? Your first instinct may be to break out the chocolate bars, but food blogger Lindsey Smith has some other ideas. In EAT YOUR FEELINGS, Lindsey looks at ways to eat healthy food based on what people tend to crave the most during heightened emotional states. In this post, you can find one of her favorite recipes that is shared in the book.