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Archives - October 2017

October 26, 2017

Read a Q&A with Nic Stone, Author of DEAR MARTIN

Posted by Rebecca M
In DEAR MARTIN, Nic Stone's unforgettable debut novel, readers follow high school senior Justyce McAllister on an emotional journey that will leave him questioning everything he knows. Justyce is set for the Ivy League next year --- but that doesn't matter to the police officer who just put him in handcuffs. He is eventually released, but the incident leaves Justyce contemplative and on edge. He can’t seem to escape the scorn of his former peers or the attitude of his prep school classmates. Struggling to cope, Justyce starts a journal to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., but do Dr. King’s teachings hold up in the modern world? Justyce isn’t so sure. In this Q&A with Nic Stone, Random House Children's Books gets to the heart of DEAR MARTIN and what Nic hopes readers will take away from this incredible book.  
Held in historic Morristown, New Jersey, the Morristown Festival of Books draws readers --- and authors --- of all different areas, interests and genres. Now four years old, the Festival has grown to include major authors and is one of Morristown’s biggest events all year. After finding out that’s very own Rebecca Munro was moderating a YA panel, I knew I had to go. Actually (and, probably, shamefully) this was my first teen book event, so it was even more exciting.
Every labor day weekend I have the wonderful opportunity to attend the largest independent book festival in the nation! Every year I get to meet and hear from a bunch of fabulous YA authors! The AJC Decatur Book Festival takes place in Decatur, Georgia, and showcases authors from almost any genre as well as art, music and so much more. This year was one of the most memorable festivals I have ever attended!
Teenreads kicked off October in one of the best ways imaginable: heading to New York Comic Con, a celebration of all things bookish, nerdy and just plain awesome. Between editorial coordinator Rebecca Munro, intern Dana, reviewers Katherine and Matthew, and reader Brian, we had a full team covering the panels, showroom floor and the whole atmosphere of the weekend. Read below for a quick overview of everyone's NYCC experience and come back soon for more in-depth coverage of the panels we all attended.