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Archives - April 2017

As I'm sure most teens know, high school can be very time consuming and tiring. From extracurricular activities to class work, there's not a lot of free time to invest in hobbies like reading. Being a freshman, I was used to having lots of free time to read, play piano, or just do anything else I was interested in, until the workload of high school really began. That's why the 20 Time project drew me in so much, and became one of my favorite parts in my school week.
On April 1, 2017, teens and YA booklovers flocked to sunny Houston, Texas, to attend the eighth annual TeenBookCon. Established to celebrate and promote reading by connecting teens with authors, TeenBookCon caters to its teen readers first and foremost, giving them first priority in both seating and Q&A sessions --- and did we mention it's free? This year, TeenBookCon featured authors Laini Taylor, Jeff Giles, Angie Thomas and many more, and reviewer Anushka Giri was on the scene to report back for us. As a 20something (who considers herself a teen at heart!) Anushka was dazzled by the convention's set-up, headliners and attendees. Read below for a breakdown of her experience at TeenBookCon including which authors she loved the most, the panel that she will remember forever and the books she'll be reading next.