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Archives - December 2015

Why do people love paranormal novels? Um, the ghosts, aliens and surprising but sweet intergalactic romances, of course! But these elements alone don't an amazing book make --- if the characters aren't realistic, then boom! All believability, all reader investment, goes out the window. Below, Brigid Kemmerer --- author of the Elemental series and THICKER THAN WATER --- shares how she adds some normality to her paranormal books, making those cool out-of-the-ordinary elements shine all the brighter.
Let's be real for a minute --- why perform an act of kindness? What are you getting out  of it? What's the point?  That may sound a little cynical, but it's not an uncommon thought in today's world, where we're all incredibly busy and stressed and just trying to get through our own lives without making a mistake, let alone getting involved in others. Luckily, the characters in Estelle Laure's debut YA novel THIS RAGING LIGHT --- as does her best childhood friend --- understand that there is always a point to helping others, no matter how small the kindness might seem. Read more below... Laure's post will certainly give you the warm and fuzzies this holiday season.  
December 2, 2015

YALLfest Breakdown

There are book festivals all around the country, but one that's dedicated to 100% YA? Sign us up, please! Teen Board member Isabel C. was lucky enough to attend this festival --- YALLfest, in Charleston, South Carolina --- in November, and outlines her day, below. It's a whirlwind full of authors, book signings and hilarious panels. Get ready to be jealous!