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Archives - June 2015

Where can you go see a bunch of your favorite authors in one place, hear inspiring discussions about YA and learn about the hottest books for fall? At BookCon --- a two day book conference at the Javits Center in New York City --- of course! intern Kat Szabo attended the second day of BookCon, and she writes about some highlights, below!
Imagine: Your boyfriend was in an explosion and is presumed dead, and you go to his memorial service, utterly distraught. While there, you meet his family members, friends…and other girlfriend. That’s exactly what happens to Lena and Aubrey in CHARLIE, PRESUMED DEAD, but they don’t instantly hate each other. Instead, they bond over their unique grief, and decide to jet-set around the world to see if he is actually alive, and to learn more about him. In the below blog post, author Anne Heltzel writes about why she decided to make Lena and Aubrey react this way, and her overall feelings on “competing” over significant others (hint: it’s not good!).    
I'd venture a guess that there's a good chance you text --- a lot. Maybe at lunch or before you go to bed, but probably while you're doing other things, too --- "listening" to your teacher talk about the Civil War, sitting at the office or even walking, biking or driving. In his book A DEADLY WANDERING, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Matt Richtel explores a "texting-while-driving" incident that claimed the lives of two rocket scientists in 2006 and the greater influence of technology on the human mind and society. See his blog post below, where he discusses the book --- it will definitely make you think twice about your own texting behavior.