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Archives - June 2015

Mark Haddon's novel THE CURIOUS INCIDENT OF THE DOG IN THE NIGHT-TIME has been adapted for the big stage. The Broadway production is now playing and has won five Tony Awards, including the award for Best Play. intern Sydney had the chance to see this show in New York and shares her opinion below.
I love a lot of things about summer --- eating endless quantities of ice cream without feeling like I’m going to freeze to death, lazing on the beach on sizzling Saturdays and wandering the city for hours, basking in the sun and seeing where my feet decide to take me. Another thing, though? Summer reading! So many great books come out this time of year, and for once, we actually have time to read them. I decided to do a quick roundup of books that I loved that came out in May and June, and ready for you to grab and bring to the beach.
In June 1969, the historical Stonewall riots in Manhattan marked the tipping point on the gay rights movement. Now, the United States officially commemorates this fateful event every year, naming June LGBT Pride Month and celebrating with parades and a wide variety of LGBT-themed events. Teenreads intern Kat Szabo celebrates Pride Month literary style by taking a look at the LGBT YA scene, commending the good, but also asking for more…a lot more. Read below, and be sure to check out some of the books she mentions!
At Teenreads, we love to review the latest and greatest YA books to hit the shelves. However, we recognize that older books --- sometimes much older books --- have plenty of value, too. In this blog series, Teen Board member Alison S. is writing about some of her favorites and how they remain relevant today. Read below for her fourth post about SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES by Ray Bradbury. You can also read her earlier posts on THE HITCHKIKER'S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY, FRANKENSTEIN and THE PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY.
Sometimes authors know exactly why they write their protagonists the way they do…they want someone who’s strong and courageous so she can beat the villains; they want someone who’s afraid of the dark so she has to face her biggest fear at the end of the book; they want someone with bright red hair because that reminds them of their childhood best friend. Catherine Linka, author of the award-winning book A GIRL CALLED FEARLESS and its newly released sequel A GIRL UNDONE, had a very different relationship with her protagonist, Avie --- she had no idea why she wrote Avie the way she did until the end of the first book. Catherine explains her revelation in her blog post, below. Check it out, as well as both books in her series!
Shirleyka H. is a junior at International High School in Brooklyn, New York, and part of Girls Write Now --- a nonprofit organization that matches professional women writer mentors with teen writers mentees. Mentors and mentees meet individually and also as a group in genre workshops. At a recent workshop, both the mentors and mentees learned the ins and outs of book reviewing. Below we feature Shirleyka's review of THE COLOR PURPLE by Alice Walker. Read her thoughts below, and maybe it will inspire you to write a book review of your own!
Vampires and werewolves are all over YA, but what about robots? Suzanne van Rooyen --- whose new book I HEART ROBOT features a human teen and a robot who meet as members of the Baldur Junior Philharmonic Orchestra --- analyzes why robots have yet to become a YA trend, but why they absolutely should. Read more below, and be sure to check out I HEART ROBOT, in stores now!
The tables are turned when mean girl/popularity princess Regan Flay becomes a social pariah in LIFE UNAWARE by Cole Gibsen. Every mean thing she's ever written is posted all over the school, and no one will talk to her. Whether you feel bad for Regan or think she deserves what she got, it definitely makes you think twice about bullying --- the consequences, the hurt feelings, the lonliness, the self-doubt. And author Cole Gibsen is no stranger to these feelings herself; as a high school student, bullying caused her to live in fear of a pack of senior girls --- and give up one of her favorite hobbies. Check out Cole's blog post below, where she talks about her own experience with bullying, and be sure to check out her book!  
Listening to the right song at the right moment can make you feel all kinds of emotions. Or, in author Melissa E. Hurst's case, inspire a YA novel! She gives the full story behind THE EDGE OF FOREVER  in her blog post below, and explains how she ironed out some of kinks that came about as her idea developed.
Sophie Kinsella is famous for her laugh-out-loud funny, romantic Shopaholic series, and we in the YA world are so excited that she's finally directing her talent at teens! In her new book FINDING AUDREY (June 9th, 2015), Sophie follows a 14-year-old girl who's suffering from an anxiety disorder and falls for her brother's gaming teammate.  Read our Q&A with Sophie below, where you can learn more about her book, her writing process and her advice for aspiring writers! Hope you enjoy the rest of the tour --- look up #FindingAudrey to find all the stops!