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Archives - May 2015

Prom is one of the most exciting times of the year, and on Teenreads, we want to celebrate with a bookish twist! Below, Elissa Sussman, the author of STRAY, reveals her own prom story, which proves that sometimes gettingready for an event turns out to be more memorable than the event itself!   
What would happen if Trey --- the leader of the graffiti crew Noise Ink --- wanted to ask Rory the budding artist who recently moved into a Manhattan homeless shelter, to prom? Ask illustrator Jean-Marc Superville Sovak, who puts these two dynamic protagonists of his forthcoming book INTO THE DANGEROUS WORLD (written by Julie Chibbaro) into that very situation. See his stunning image below, along with more information about the book.    
Prom can be super awkward --- especially if you have a halting, uncomfortable conversation  during the diinner before the dance! When she was in high school, MATERIAL GIRLS author Elaine Dimopoulos and her friends did everything they could to make sure that that wouldn't happen --- check out the hilarious visual evidence, below!    
Many fantasy readers love the genre because, well, it’s just that --- fantasy. They get to explore worlds they would never get to see in real life, ride on the backs of dragons, fight with giants and take a dip in the ocean with mermaids. But as bestselling author Michael Buckley shares, sometimes fantasy can be a little bit more real than we give it credit for. In fact, the inspiration for his newest book, UNDERTOW --- in which an empire of human/sea-life hybrids begins a community on Coney Island --- came from one of the most reality-based things there is:  a newspaper! Read the details below --- you may find yourself thinking twice about what’s fantasy, after all.