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Archives - May 2015

One of the most epic prom images is the "staircase descent." You've seen it in the movies --- a girl comes to the top of the stairs in a beautiful dress and slowly walks towards her date, as he looks on in awe (and obviously a great night and true love and rainbows and puppies follow). In real life though, the "staircase descent" isn't always so graceful --- read SOPHOMORE YEAR IS GREEK TO ME author Meredith Zeitlin's prom memory below, to see what we mean!
Long dresses may still rule the dance floor in our world, but underworld prom fashion is a little bit different --- just ask Andi Watson, author/illustrator of the graphic novel PRINCESS DECOMPOSIA AND COUNT SPATULA, which follows the budding romance between overworked royalty and a whimsical chef. She shares one of the underworld's most popular outfits, below --- be sure to test it out next time you're hanging out with your mummy and werewolf friends!
One of the most memorable asepcts of prom is definitely the clothes! That doesn't necessarily mean a sparkly dress, though. Graphic novel illustrator Hope Larson helped us celebrate prom by designing an awesome outfit for a cool fictional outfit. Check it out, below!    
A lot of people live by certain philosophies --- “always say yes,” “be honest no matter what,” “think before you speak,” “follow your heart”…the list goes on and on. In her beautiful blog post below, author Katie McGarry explains why “live life to the fullest” is her personal mantra, and how it wound its way into her new book, NOWHERE BUT HERE.
On May 16th, Teen Board member Christa O. had a chance to attend Teen Day at the RT Booklovers Convention in Dallas, Texas --- a weeklong convention with more than 100 authors --- with her mom and two best friends. Read about her experience, below!
In REBEL BELLE by Rachel Hawkins, Harper Price doesn't have a particularly normal homecoming experience --- the ancient powers of Paladin are passed to her during the dance, and her life changes forever. But what about before that fateful night, when Harper just wants her almost-boyfriend David to go with her? Rachel writes Harper's prom ask below --- check it out!  
Prom is one of the most exciting times of the year, and on Teenreads, we want to celebrate with a bookish twist! We asked book and graphic novel illustrators to draw something that relates to prom  . In this post, John Green --- illustrator of the forthcoming September 2015 graphic novel TEEN BOAT!: The Race for Boatlantis written by Dave Roman --- included a sneak peek of some of the images that will actually appear in the book, which features a boy who can turn into a yacht. In the story, Teen Boat needs to win the trophy in The Orca’s Cup and a date to his school prom (hopefully his dream girl, foreign exchange student Niña Pinta Santa Maria). Below are a few images that show off the prom décor and a few of students dancing the night away.
Oftentimes authors draw from their own experiences when writing their books. Luckily, this wasnt' the case for Kasie West, author of  the new book THE FILL-IN BOYFRIEND --- at least not for the opening scene at the prom. Below, Kasie compares and contrasts her own experience with her protagonist, Gia's. Let's just say, it seems like Kasie had a lot more fun!  
While attending Author's Unlimited in Long Island on April 24th, 2015 --- an event where eight YA authors and just short of 200 local teens spent the morning and afternoon together, hanging out in panels, having group discussions and getting their books signed --- I found myself thinking about the US Weekly segment
Sometimes roller skates and teammates make for way better proms than gowns and streamers --- ROLLER GIRL author/illustrator Victoria Jamieson will prove it to you in her sweet and kickbutt comic, below!