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Archives - March 2015

Even though is based in New York City, one of the best things about being a website is that we’re connected to people who love young adult literature from all over the world! We asked one of our readers --- Elise Andrew, a freshman at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia who wants to be a YA author, herself --- to tell us a bit about the current YA scene where she lives. Below, see what she and her former high school book club members are reading --- turns out U.S. choices and Australian choices aren’t so different!
The other night a few of us from The Book Report Network were lucky enough to score some press passes to a prescreening of Insurgent, the second installment in the theatrical adaptation of Veronica Roth's Divergent series. We were most excited to see our beloved YA hot shot Shailene Woodley and muscular heartthrob Theo James steam up the screen...and maybe get some free popcorn, but who's keeping track? The movie was a quick-paced, action-packed, two-hour dystopian extravaganza, complete with an oppressive government, a slew of anger-fueled rebels and a perfectly-matched dynamic duo whose love conquers all...literally.
March 13, 2015

Our Reviewers Pick Their Ultimate Reads

Posted by Shara
We are so excited to have just updated the Ultimate Reading List on! To celebrate, I asked our reviewers and Teen Board members to tell me about their own Ultimate Reading Lists --- what three books would they recommend unfailingly to their friends? Which three do they think are some of the most awe-inspiring, thought-provoking or just plain fun that they’ve ever read? I know --- big question. Read their answers below and see how they compare with your own!
Every book has an origin story; maybe someone saw a girl with green hair on the subway and thought she'd make a great protagonist, or dreamt about aliens going to prom and thought it would make for the most unforgettable dance --- or novel --- ever. NATURE'S CONFESSION has an origin story too, but it's a slightly more sobering one --- J.L. Morin couldn't help but notice all of the pollution that surrounded her every day. Read her blog post below for more details on this cli-fi dystopia, and a few topics that we all should be thinking more about.