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Archives - February 2015

In BREAKING SKY, Cori McCarthy’s new action-packed novel that takes place in 2048, Chase is a teen fighter pilot at the United Star Academy --- and a good one, too. America is locked in a cold war, but as actual fighting becomes eminent, she learns a military secret that might just change everything. While Teenreads was all for learning more about Chase’s flying skills, Cori answered a slightly more interesting --- and unexpected --- question for us: “If Chase couldn’t be a pilot, what occupation do you think she would follow?” Read Cori’s answer below, and be on the lookout for BREAKING SKY, which hits stores on March 10th!
Many of us are still in the afterglow of Valentine’s Day, still working on that box of chocolates or smelling the flowers that were delivered to us. It may remind us of those early days of life when we were naïve and giddy like schoolgirls at the prospect of someone special sending us flowers. There is something endearing and innocent about young love; it’s irresistible.
Love is in the air in the month of February, and even if you can't find a worthy crush in the real-world, there are plenty in the literary world! Whether an endearing character or an impressive author, our reviewers --- both adults and teens --- divulge who they'd like to spend Valentine's Day, with.  
We know that you visit because you love to read YA novels, but we bet that there's a significant number that aims to write them, too. Teen Board member Alison S. certainly falls into both categories, and below, she talks about one of the most important aspects of creative writing: characterization. Read about some of her own struggles with this make-or-break-a-book topic, and maybe it will give you some ideas for how to approach your own novel-to-be!    
With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, I thought it be best to talk about how much love there is in YA novels. Whether it is paranormal, contemporary or even dystopian, there is never a lack of romance in the YA world! But what makes a good romance? In my opinion, it's passion, a balance between angst and humor, fluff (in moderation, of course) and one epic kissing scene. And what stories encompass all of these wonderful necessities? I’m here to give you what I think is the best of the best when it comes to YA romance.
                When we read books, we get completely wrapped up in the plot, the characters, the whole world that the author created. So much so that we forget that there's a lot going on behind the scenes --- little bits and pieces lifted from the author's real life, backstories to characters that never get explained, and reasons why a book is set in one city versus another. In the below blog post, Nicole Maggi indulges us by sharing a few of these juicy "you would never guess" details about her new thriller, THE FORGETTING, in which a girl wakes up from a heart transplant with memories from the donor.