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Archives - October 2014

Some of the fiercest women in literature are the protagonists of YA novels, and Bree Sunderland --- the central character in Janice Gable Bashman's new novel PREDATOR --- is no exception. Bree travels to Ireland  intending to study bog bodies with her father, but when the military wants to turn his research into a bio weapons program and dark forces threaten her family, she has to use her fierce energy and strong heart to save them all.  In this guest post, Janice writes about why strong YA heroines are so important, and she shares her thoughts on some of the kick-butt heroines that she loves most.
Suzanne and Melanie Brockmann aren’t just mother and daughter --- they’re co-authors of the YA novel NIGHT SKY, which came out in early October! In this blog post, they interview each other on the writing process --- and what it’s like to work with such a close family member! Read below for each of their questions and answers, and be sure to check out an excerpt of the book, here.