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Archives - June 2014

Rachel B. is not only a member of the Teenreads Teen Board, but she's also the steward of a Little Free Library (LFL)! As of January 2014 there were 15,000 Little Free Libraries around the world, but Rachel's, which is located in her front yard, definitely stands out --- it's decorated with book-reading hedgehogs! Read below to see how Rachel got into LFLs, some of her favorite LFL moments and how  you can start one,  yourself.  
June 16, 2014

How to Start a Book Club

What do you do if your school or local library or bookstore doesn't run a book club? Start your own, of course! Teen Board member Alonzo D. gives some great advice on how to do so, all while channeling some of your favorite literary characters!
This month, Teen Board member Sara J. came up with a great idea for our Teen Board question --- which YA book would you adapt into a movie, and why? Below, Sara shares an extended version of her answer --- THE STATISTICAL PROBABILITY OF LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT by Jennifer E. Smith --- as well as a few runner-up choices.
There is nothing more heart wrenching than when your favorite book or series ends. What do you do when there is no more Harry Potter, The Mortal Instruments or Grisha Trilogy? For Teen Board member Katherina T., the answer is obvious --- find alternate endings, new couple pairings and thousands of related plot lines on fan fiction websites! Below, Katherina explains why she loves fan fiction, gives a sneak peek at popular fan fiction lingo and, best of all, shares links to her favorite fan fiction and stories. So dive in…and maybe  you’ll be inspired to write your own AU version of THE FAULT IN OUR STARS!
There is so much to talk about when you talk about YA! From relationships to gender to diversity…the list never ends. That’s why we were excited when reviewer Charles Payseur said he’d break down two YA panel discussions that he recently attended at WisCon, a feminist science fiction convention that takes place in Wisconsin every year. The first featured guest of honor Hiromi Goto and talked about YA novels that don’t fixate on romance. The second, which featured guest of honor N.K. Jemisin, talked the role of race and identiy in YA fantasies. Read below for more details on these fascinating talks and the convention as a whole --- maybe you’ll be inspired to attend in the future!
To honor the 70th anniversary of D-Day --- the day that Allied troops began the invasion of German-occupied Western Europe during WWII --- Teen Board member Rachel B. rounded up some of her favorite WWII YA books. Read her list below, and choose the one that sounds most interesting to you to commemorate this important occasion!
Everyone who regularly takes subways knows that they stall. A lot. For weird, vague reasons like “congestion ahead of us” or “a signal problem.” Suspicious? Skylar Dorset, the author of THE GIRL WHO NEVER WAS, thinks so! Which is why her YA novel --- set in a fantastical Boston --- blames these mysterious delays on underground goblin wars. In her blog post, Skylar discusses the ways that she transformed the city where she lived into a place bursting with supernatural creatures and magical objects (besides the obvious magic that is clam chowder and lobster rolls, of course).  
Like most characters in young adult novels, Amy and Matthew from SAY WHAT YOU WILL by Cammie McGovern spend their days thinking about growing friendships, young love, child-parent relationships and learning to become comfortable in their own skin. Unlike most YA characters, though, the two protagonists have disabilities --- Amy was born with cerebral palsy, and Matthew has OCD.  In the below blog post, Cammie explains why she decided to write about teens with disabilities --- and what she hopes readers will take away from it.