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Archives - December 2013

OK I admit it --- I’m writing about a conference that happened at the end of November, when everyone was abuzz about another holiday. However, going to the ALAN conference --- a two-day event that celebrates young adult literature --- was so incredible that even though I’m a bit behind (whoops!) I thought it would be worthwhile to share some of my favorite moments & author quotes. Check them out, below!
It's December! I don't know about you, but for me it feels closer and closer to Christmastime every day. The candles in the windows, the bare bones of trees stretching out to the sky, the occasional delight of snow dusting the ground...and family gathering 'round. Hmm…family.  Oh, those people. You know them. You live with them. And you probably read around them. Maybe you frequently have your nose stuck in a book and look up to see your mom asking you pointedly, “please set the table for the fifth time,” or maybe you have an older sibling who leaves books lying around the house (which become your supply of reading material).
Heather Terrell has certainly established herself as an author --- she's written several historical novels for adutls, the young adult novels ETERNITY and FALLEN ANGEL, and RELIC, the first book in her new YA series The Books of Eva, came out this fall. But she didn't always know she wanted to be a writer ---she actually wanted to be an archaeologist since her early days watching Indiana Jones! In Heather's post, she tells us how she went from digging ancient dirt in far-off lands to weaving enchanting tales for all ages...and how the two careers are more similar than you might think!