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Archives - May 2013

Stereotypically, girl books are pink, have a girl on the cover and FILLED with sickeningly sweet romance. Boy books, on the other hand, are darker, have blood dripping or something more creepy on the cover and there are NO girls to be found. But we all know this isn't true, right? There are books that boys AND girls love!!!'s “He Said/She Said” feature aims to highlight a book each month to discuss its guy and girl appeal.
How do authors find inspiration for their stories? Sometimes, it can be taking a stroll through a graveyard and finding something interesting. That's what happened to Dianne K. Salerni when two peculiar caged graves inspired her to write THE CAGED GRAVES, which follows a teenage girl as she tries to uncover the secrets behind why her mother was buried in "unhallowed ground." In this blog, Salerni gives us some background about the inspiration behind her historical mystery.
Whether you love it or hate it, prom is a big part of the yearly high school calendar. Who is taking whom, what are you going to wear, where you are going to dinner, the fun, the excitement and the prama (prom-drama) seem to be all consuming for weeks prior (sometimes to the ad nauseam). Then it happens! The one magical night that you have been told time and time again you will remember for the rest of your lives. In honor of prom season, some of our junior and senior Teen Board members have written about their thoughts and experiences with prom and have included some excellent prom-themed reading suggestions!
Do you ever remember hearing the tales of Hercules the Strong or Anansi the Spider? Ever remember the tales of the Amazons or Thor the Mighty?
If you follow on Facebook or Twitter, you'll have seen us post about a special event that occured this weekend: Free Comic Book Day. Every year, on the first Saturday in May, comic book shops around the country give out free comics to spread their love of comic books!
Girls only like romance novels about love triangles and love at first sight. Boys only like novels that are fast-paced, action thrillers with tons of violence. Do these stereotypes sound familiar? Are they true? Our Teen Board member, Kate, talks about what she thinks makes a "girly" novel.