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Archives - August 2010

Today's "If You Ask Me" Q&A participants, Sarah Busack from Santa Rosa, CA and Jewel from Kingston, ON, cover a wide range of genres in the books they discuss below --- from S. E. Hinton's YA classic THE OUTSIDERS and L.
Today's “If You Ask Me... Q&A" is answered by Deja from Louisville, KY and Hattie DeRaps from Farmington, ME. They discuss their favorite books and series, what questions they’d ask THE BOOK THEIF author Markus Zusak and Twilight creator Stephanie Meyer, and which characters would liven up their next birthday party. Deja from Louisville, KY
August 11, 2010

Y. S. Lee: How Not To Be A Writer

Posted by Marisa Emralino
August 9, 2010

This Week's New Releases

Posted by Marisa Emralino
The supernatural, intrigue and dangerous liaisons --- this week’s new releases are anything but bland and boring. Five missing students mysteriously reappear at an exclusive New York party equipped with the ability to read minds, stop time and steal power in ANOTHER FAUST, but as they make further deals with the devil, inevitable truths are revealed that could have dire consequences for these five.
Joining us for this week’s “If You Ask Me” Q&A are Maria from Vanetia, PA and Bethany Crocker from Charlotte, NC. These girls cover a range of topics like why Bethany doesn’t quite like the Twilight movie adaptations, why Maria would trade places with Maximum Ride, and what questions they would each ask their favorite authors. Maria from Vanetia, PA
Celia Rees's latest novel, THE FOOL'S GIRL, is an inventive and original twist on William Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. But rather than presenting you with a formulaic sequel to the classic play, Celia enlivens the story by incorporating the old Bard himself, as Violetta and Feste enlist his help in recovering an important religious relic stolen by the insidious Malvolio as part of his plan to assassinate the Queen.
Joining us for this week’s If You Ask Me...
When you’re down and out, you can usually count on your siblings, right? Unfortunately, Lia and Alice Milthorpe of The Prophecy of the Sisters series don't have it so easy.  After their father's untimely and mysterious death, their sisterly bond is put to the ulimate test as the sixteen-year-old twins discover that they are next in a long line of sisters pitted against one another in the ultimate battle between good and evil.