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Archives - July 2010

Who ever said high school was easy? As 15-year-old Essie Green begins another year in Pershing High School, everything seems to fall into place: not only has she made the cheerleading squad, but she's also caught the eye of Austin King, the captain of the football team and the hottest guy at school. In other words, she’s fitting in. But, things start to change when her cousin Micah, an observant Jew, moves back into town, joins the football team, and is quickly pegged a freak.
July 5, 2010

This Week's New Releases

Posted by Marisa Emralino
Happy 4th, and welcome to another hot and sticky week of summer!  If you (like all of us!) are looking to escape the scorching temps, we highly recommend grabbing a comfy chair and a cool drink, and spending a lazy afternoon with a stack of great reads.
Ever have one of those days where you just felt invisible? Well, Charlotte Usher of Tonya Hurley's ghostgirl books is having one of those days... or rather, lifetimes. In LOVESICK, the third installment of the series, Charlotte's last task at "Dead Ed" --- before she can finally move on and RIP --- is to return to the high school where she died, and help a designated teen sort out a personal problem in time for the Prom.  Easy enough, right? Just her luck, her "project" happens to be her former crush, Damon.