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December 1, 2017

AudioFile Best Books of the Year 2017

Posted by Dana C

The end of the year is nearly here and it's time for readers and booklovers everywhere to start deciding how they'll remember 2017. Did you read a bunch of different books from different genres and authors, or stick to a shorter, pre-decided list? Did you find a new favorite you weren't expecting? Readers and publications are all figuring out their "Best Of" lists and AudioFile, a magazine that reviews audiobooks, profiles narrators and is always the first to know about hot new listens, has compiled their list of the best YA audiobooks from this year!







From incredible fantasies like THE BOOK OF DUST to hard-hitting contemporary works of fiction like THE HATE U GIVE and even space adventure science fiction like NYXIA, there is something for everyone here, no matter your reading or listening style.  Read below to see which audiobooks AudioFile is recommending this year and find some great samples underneath the list!


For more information, you can see AudioFile's full E-Zine here!

To get you listening, AudioFile has included these great samples of some of their favorite books:


If you loved Bill Konigsberg's HONESTLY BEN, then you will throughly enjoy hearing from its narrator Dan Bittner!


If you're a fan of John Green, then check out this Behind the Mic video to hear from the narrator of TURTLES ALL THE DOWN.