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July 28, 2017

Litjoy Magical Edition Crate Year 2 Unboxing --- Guest Post by Teen Board Member Shannon C.


In case you don't know, there's a new trend sweeping the booklover community: book subscription boxes. Typically delivered monthly, these subscription boxes usually include a new release and several accessories, snacks and/or clothing items that relate to it. While some are curated by the authors themselves, others, such as OwlCrate aand Litjoy Crate, are curated by booklovers like us! In this post, Teen Board Member Shannon C. tells us more about a one-time box she received from Litjoy Crate. Read on to hear all about the bookish goodies she recieved.

I don’t know about you, but I am obsessed with bookish subscription boxes. There are so many to choose from and it seems impossible to limit myself to one bookish subscription box. However, I will always buy one-time special event boxes. It is a great way to get a little taste of the service without fully committing to a subscription.

I recently decided to purchase the Litjoy Magical Edition Crate Year 2. It is a Harry Potter-themed box inspired by Harry’s second year at Hogwarts. This box is separate from the subscription, meaning that subscribers do not automatically receive the box and that non-subscribers can purchase the box and will receive just this box. This one-time box costs $75, but it is worth $120 so you definitely get some bang for your buck. It is also important to note that this box does not have a book inside, only bookish items. Okay, enough babbling…let me show you what I found inside this little box of treasures.

The first thing I saw when I opened the box was Dobby’s adorable face, much like Harry wakes up to see in HARRY POTTER AND THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS. Dobby’s adorable face was printed on a product card that showed everything that came in the box and explained how the items related to the book. Each item had a corresponding quote from CHAMBER OF SECRETS and it was definitely super unique and really cute! The artwork on the front of the card was done by Nerdy Post.

The box also contained a cute little cloth Dobby doll made by Sweet Sequels. Of course, Dobby is a huge part of the novel so it is no secret that he belongs in the box. It is adorable and I am really happy to have my own Dobby!

There was also a set of magnetic bookmarks of magical creatures including pixies, mandrakes, Fawkes and Aragog! All of these creatures make an appearance during Harry’s second year of Hogwarts. These were made by NerdyGrlDesigns. I love magnetic bookmarks and these are no exception!

I was excited to open up another box inside which contained a sleek black and green mug, inspired by the Slytherin house colors. Lettered in green is “When in doubt, go to the library” which Ron says “that’s what Hermione does.” This mug is exclusive to the box from LitjoyCrate!

I am a sucker for bookish candles so I was stoked to see one in this box. It is a 2 ounce soy vegan candle scented Sherbet Lemon and made by A Court of Candles. “Sherbet Lemon” is the password the friends used to get past the gargoyle in order to talk to Dumbledore. The candle smells just as it is named, very citrusy and clean.

The box also contained a cute vial of “polyjuice potion” which is actually a green bath fizz made by Literary Apothecary. I am also a sucker for bath products and I cannot wait to pour some of this “potion” into my bath.

Inside of a small paper bag I found a cute cookie wrapped in bubble wrap to prevent breakage. The cookie is actually a Howler cookie made by The Cookie Bank. As you may remember, Ron receives a Howler from his mother in this novel. I cannot wait to see just how delicious this Howler is. 

There was actually another bookmark in the box, but this one was a paper bookmark with the quote, “What exactly is the function of a rubber duck?” on one side in beautiful lettering. The other side is a picture of Arthur Weasley staring very excitedly at a rubber duck. This bookmark is hilariously cute and was inspired by a conversation in the book. This bookmark was created by Nerdy Post.

Everyone who ordered this box either got a print of stacked Hogwarts books or a Platform 9 ¾ ticket. Both of these are beautiful items have gold foil and make the perfect prop for Bookstagram photos! I believe that these items were left over from last year’s First Year Magical Edition Crate.

As I’m sure all readers will remember, Gilderoy Lockhart was introduced in this novel as the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor. He is very famous and arrogant so of course the box contained a signed picture of him (made by Das Stark) and a Gilderoy Lockhart fan letter (made by Bookified)! These items are both very funny and lovely and I am happy to have them.

In CHAMBER OF SECRETS, Harry gets injured playing quidditch and Madam Pomfrey gives him Skele-Gro to fix his arm. So of course, there is a little bottle of Skele-Gro and a cute skull on a little keychain made by Nerdy Nifties.

This next item is very unique and is something I have never seen in a book box before, but it is a Moaning Myrtle Toilet Spray. This is a natural product made with essential oils to make your toilet smell good after you use it. It is very funny and useful too! This was made by Literary Apothecary.

Believe it or not, there was yet another bookmark in this box and it was the most unique one yet! It is a Basilisk fang bookmark on a black ribbon! Harry uses the fang to stab Tom Riddle’s Diary in the novel and it is such a cool item. This was made by Litjoy Crate.

And last, but CERTAINLY not least is another item by Sweet Sequels! It is a book sleeve that looks just like Tom Riddle’s Diary!!! Book sleeves are huge right now and it is a pouch you put your book in to protect it when on the go. The book sleeve even appears to have a hole in it where it was stabbed with the Basilisk Fang!

Overall, this box was amazing!!! I literally loved every single item in it and it is the most unique book box I have ever gotten! I highly recommend picking it up if you are a Harry Potter fan! Check it out here.