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May 16, 2017

6 Reasons Why You Should Write the Book of Your Heart --- Guest Post from Victoria Scott, Author of VIOLET GRENADE


When you're a writer, especially in the young adult world, it's very important to consider your audience. But what happens if you focus on your readers too much, and not enough on the story trying desperately to work its way out of you? Although author Victoria Scott has written several novels in several different genres, she recently decided it was time to write what she wanted. When she stopped trying to please her readers, the voice of a second personality living inside of a damaged teenage girl spoke to her, and VIOLET GRENADE was born. Read this post to see her very convincing argument for writing the book of your heart.

I’d written paranormal romance, fantasy, and a middle survival story before I picked up my laptop, poised to finally, finally, write a book for me. I stopped worrying about what readers might want, and asked myself at last, what I wanted.

Wilson whispered back --- the second personality living inside a young, damaged girl. I didn’t know who would read this book. I certainly didn’t know who would buy it. All I knew, my friends, is that I was writing it. So I did, and some beautiful things came from this process of letting ambitions go, and embracing selfish, stolen writing hours.

Today I want to share my top six reasons for writing the book of your heart, and hopefully help you take the same leap I took with my newest novel, VIOLET GRENADE, a psychological suspense thatI wrote for myself, but think you might enjoy too. That is, if your brain is as bizarre as mine.

  1. Writing is fun again.

    Letting go of what’s selling, what isn’t, and what your agent / editor / best friend wants you to write is liberating. And an extraordinary thing happens when you write for yourself—It becomes exciting.

  2. Editing is hard, y’all.

    I’ve been through the editing process eight times now, and editing the books I wrote for a paycheck were far, far harder than the one I wrote for myself. There are enough editing rounds to make your head spin. Make it a good head spin, people.

  3. Marketing is easier.

    When you’re obsessed with your own book, it’s more exciting to talk about. Know the feeling when you read an incredible book and just have to tell someone? That’s the feeling you can have if you write the book of your heart. You will be excited. You’ll make others excited. Mountains will move and the sun will shine and world peace will be acquired.

  4. You’ll be proud.

    Having a book hit shelves is terrifying. Like, my hair is on fire terrifying. But when you’ve written a book for yourself, it doesn’t matter as much what critics and readers have to say. Because that book staring back at you? It’s yours, baby.

  5. It will feel like a debut release, even if it isn’t.

    Something strange happens when a release day is approaching for a book you wrote solely for yourself—you become childlike with anticipation. Even if you’ve had one, two…seven books release before this one, you’ll somehow be whisked back to yesteryear when you were but a wee author with your first book release on the horizon. Remember that feeling? Recapture it by writing a book you want to write. Write the book that scares you. No, write the book that scares others. Yeah. That.

  6. If you love it, someone else will to.

    Look, there are enough people in the world to create a readership for almost anything. We all have strange desires, so if this story scratches an itch for you, chances are it will for someone else as well. So write it already!