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February 10, 2017

Meet Nick D’Marco from the Library Jumpers Series --- Guest Post by Brenda Drake, Author of GUARDIAN OF SECRETS


If you're anything like us at Teenreads, we will do anything possible to hear every detail of a favorite character's backstory. Does Harry Potter prefer chocolate ice cream, or vanilla? Would Celaena Sardothien wear a dress or a totally killer suit to the prom? In this post, author Brenda Drake gives us the lowdown on Nick D'Marco, the carefree yet protective best friend of the main character of her Library Jumpers series. Although the main characters Gia and Arik may take the center stage of THIEF OF LIES and GUARDIAN OF SECRETS, you'll be eager to see more Nick after reading this post.

“Ever since Freaky Friday, it just keeps getting weirder, doesn't it?” Nick D’Marco from THIEF OF LIES

Gia and her two romantic interests get all the attention whenever I’m interviewed or when I write guest posts about the series. So today, I thought it would be fun to delve into another character, who becomes more important in GUARDIAN OF SECRETS, book two in the Library Jumpers series. So without further ado, I give you Nick D’Marco.

First, a little bit about Nick. He’s 16, sarcastic, careless and protective of his friends. Nick and Gia have known each other since they were babies. Their mothers were close friends. He was born in Boston, and he attended the same private school as Gia. His parents own an Italian restaurant where he works, and he would like to run his own restaurant someday. Nick can be a slacker at times, but when it comes to his friends and those he loves, he will step up to any challenge.

If I could choose an actor to play Nick, it would be Nick Robinson. With his brown hair and brown eyes, he resembles my Nick well. Don’t know who he is? He played the older brother in Jurassic World.

When we meet Nick in THIEF OF LIES, he’s sarcastic with a wondering eye for pretty girls. His life is carefree. He likes to have fun and doesn’t take things seriously. After he’s sucked into a gateway book with Gia and Afton in the Boston Athenaeum and dropped into a library in Paris, he’s more timid and scared of the hidden world they discover once there. Not to mention, they run into a demonic hound and some biker-like knights show up with swords and magical globes to save the day.

As Nick navigates this new reality, he becomes more aware of something he’d thought could be the truth, but it ends up being something even more sinister. We end THIEF OF LIES with Nick on shaky ground and uncertain how to navigate his new reality.

In book two, Nick will go through a lot of emotional struggles and growth. He has tons to deal with after book one. He’ll have to learn how to handle all the stuff that has been dumped on him. He’s in a dark place and he can’t control his anger. The only thing that feels normal to him is his relationship with Gia. They’re more like brother and sister than just friends. She grounds him. Friendships and relationships will be tested in GUARDIAN OF SECRETS, especially with Nick.