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August 31, 2016

5 Reasons Why Instagram is the Perfect Way to Find Your Next Great Read --- Guest Post by Leora Krygier, Author of KEEP HER


Most people wake up in the morning and think about their first cup of Joe or what they’re going to wear. Not me. I roll over and grab my iPhone from my night table and immediately dive into Instagram to find my next great read. And BTW, I do this, at least seven more times a day.

In the past few years we may have lost a lot of bookstores, but it’s the Instagram bookstagrammers who are now taking the lead when it comes to recommending your next great read.

Why Instagram, you say?

1. The visual/review combo: Those pictures of books positioned with a pot of tea, flowers, twinkling lights and jewelry, or held up in the air against the backdrop of the Eiffel tower, a waterfall in Maui or the beach are creative and artful. The beautiful setups show you how the reader was personally inspired by the book and are a perfect bonus to the review or commentary offered in the caption.

2. The variety of books: There are photos of the classics like Jane Eyre and To Kill a Mockingbird, and pictures of old, lesser-known books rescued from a junk pile. But there are also lots of new and wonderful YA books, sometimes shared with cover-reveals. Bookstagrammers are equal opportunity book lovers. You are sure to get a combination of new and classic read recommendations.

3. The Bookstagrammers: Bookstagrammers are the coolest, most creative people to follow. They spur each other on with month-long challenges like “Sock Sunday,” “Books and Candles,”  “Black Books,” and “Favorite Villain.” It’s a great and supportive community of people who truly love and appreciate the writing process, authors and books. They also come up with great names for themselves, such as Book Baristas, Little Book Worm Inside Me, and The Book Bound Society. As a side note, I highly recommend following all of these accounts!

4. The international exposure: You get amazing book recommendations and make Insta friends from all over the world! As I am scrolling down on my feed, I always find new posts to like, follow, and comment on, engaging with amazing Instagram friends from all over the world in places such as India, South America, Australia, Bali, Germany, and more!

5. The ability to get involved: Instagram will jumpstart your day. The process of looking at other people’s posts, then reviewing your own photos and to-read list can get you thinking and planning your next photo. What presentation will you come up with for your favorite read? Will you take a book and go out to a place you love, read a bit, and then snap a photo? Or will you gather up meaningful bits and pieces that connect you with a book, arranging them like a collage around your own home? The possibilities are endless!

Bookstagrams are a cool, more visual way to discover your next read. They can even transport you to a new place before you even read the first page! Through bookstagrams, you can find book-loving friends and get an inside, creative look at the many books just waiting to be put on your to-read list.

So go ahead  --- look, read, post and watch your to-read pile grow! I know I do.

Leora Krygier is the author of KEEP HER, a YA contemporary novel about love, loss and the environment out on September 6, 2016. You can connect with her at and on Instagram @leorakrygierauthor.