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July 14, 2016

Blog Bound Con Event

While I am an intern here at Teenreads, what started me on my publishing career path was book blogging. You can read about How I Became a Book Blogger and My Favorite Parts of Blogging here on the site. 
On Sunday, I attended the first ever Blog Bound Con at the Jefferson Market Library here in NYC. I found the event through Twitter, which is always a great place to find events in your area. 
I was really excited for the three panels that I registered to attend, there were six different panels scheduled. Since this was the first time the event was being held, I wasn't quite sure what it was going to be like. I had only been to the Jefferson Market Library once before for a Shakespeare Seminar; seriously this library is beautiful because it was once a church.
Let me just say, it was incredible. I loved every aspect of the event and I hope that they decide to host it again next year. It didn’t just feature well known book bloggers in the YA community, but also writers and publishing professionals. 
They were not allowed to open the doors until one o’clock, because the library didn't open until then. It was kind of like opening up the floodgates, when we first walked in. It appeared to be disorganized, but once the line started to form everything became orderly. You got a name tag and your schedule very quickly.
Funny enough, all three of the panels that I signed up for were held in the same room. So I planted myself for four hours in a chair. It felt like being back in school. I was able to spend the majority of that time with bloggers that I knew and had become very good friends with over the years
Panel 1: Blogging Diversely
Moderated by Zoraida Cordova featuring Kaye M., Camryn Garrett and Michael Waters. 
Their discussion centered around own voices and the importance of representation. It was incredible hearing from young adults who have accomplished so much in their writing. They were so well spoken and knowledgeable on the issues in publishing. Zoriada Cordova was great at fostering the conversation and adding her own opinion. 
Panel 2: Using Blogging in Your Career
Moderated by Julianne Daly, featuring Shae McDaniel, DJ DeSmyter and Estelle Hallick
Of the three panels, this one was the one that I was most looking forward to because it relates most to me. I am a blogger who aspires to work in the publishing industry after graduation. I received a lot of great insights from the speakers. I really connected with what Shae had to say about her own experience. This industry is really competitive and I hope that being a book blogger is an asset for me in the future. 
Panel 3: Publicists and Bloggers
Moderated by Nicole Brinkley, featuring Ksenia Winnicki, Lizzy Mason and Emma Carbone
I really loved this panel. As someone who one day wants to work as a publicist, it was great hearing from Ksenia and Lizzy about their jobs. I liked the discussion about publicity being discussed between bloggers, librarian, and publicists. 
RivetedLit  --- the website/social media brand of Simon & Schuster Teen --- sponsored the event. They helped provide pizza and other yummy treats for the BYOT --- Bring Your Own Tote --- event. It was a great social hour that started with a huge giveaway table. There were obviously quite a lot of Simon & Schuster Teen ARCs, but there were also GriffinTeen titles, swag from Wordpress and tote bags from My Book Box.
I only allowed myself to take books that I knew I would read. I didn't want to take ARCs from newer bloggers who don't have the same opportunities that I do for ARCs. I took home THE DIABOLIC by S. J. Kincaid, THE BEST POSSIBLE ANSWER by E. Katherine Kottaras and FATE OF FLAMES by Sarah Raughley.
Compared to some other blogging events, this was fairly small. I sincerely hope this event happens again next year.