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July 7, 2016

How I Became a Book Blogger --- Guest Post by Dana Cuadrado of DanaSquare


I never intended to become a book blogger. It’s one of those things that just happened, but I couldn’t be more thankful for it. It sounds really cliched but it changed my life and set me on a different path.

I started my blog, DanaSquare, in October of 2011. My older brother works in fashion and was really inspired to start a fashion blog. We spent a whole day researching platforms and themes. I can’t even recall if he actually made one or not, but I know I did. It was just going to be a place for me talk about things that I loved. I made a total of three posts in 2011: an introduction, a post about music and a book review. (My hope is that no one looks at those posts ever again.)

Then I came back to my blog in March of 2012. That month there are a lot of beauty, fashion, music, movies, TV and book posts. I wanted my blog to be a place for me to share what I was obsessed with. In high school, it is so difficult to find friends who have similar interests as you do --- you make friends because people share the same classes not interests. With my blog, however, I had the chance to connect with people who were obsessed with the same things I was.

Somehow, the following month my blog became a book blog. I had read and reviewed EVERNEATH by Brodi Ashton --- somehow I found her blog --- and saw her posting about the YA Scavenger Hunt. It opened my eyes to this whole community that was celebrating the books that I loved. I found YA bloggers --- like Once Upon a Twilight and Mundie Moms --- who were posting really great content. After TWILIGHT and THE HUNGER GAMES, I became an avid reader consuming as much book-related content as I could get my hands on. Still, none of my friends were reading as much as when they had been in the TWILIGHT and THE HUNGER GAMES phases. Through blogging, I realized that I wasn’t alone in what I loved and found this whole community who loved the same things.

Of course, it wasn’t always easy keeping up with a blog and school. I definitely learned my way with blog design and post formats. I don’t love all of my content looking back through it, but I love the way my blog is now. I never expected it to become such a huge part of my life or for blogging to become something that defined me. I would definitely recommend blogging to any book lovers looking for an outlet to share what they love.