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June 23, 2016

Blind Date with a Book


Picking your next read is always a struggle. If you ask us, there are too many books to choose from and not enough time to read them all. We recently asked our Teen Board Members how they narrow down their summer reading and Vaishnavi S., had an amazing suggestion. Her unique way of picking her next read is called "Blind Date with a Book" and it sounds like a blast. So if you're having trouble picking your next summer book, read on and play! 


Those were the three numbers the computer generated from a random number generator, and the numbers I would be using to go on a date...with a book.

I’ve been playing this game for years now, and it stems from my lack of ability to make quick decisions. I first decide which section I will choose my book from. This is the only aspect of the game I don’t leave to chance. I then generate three random numbers. The first one tells me which bookshelf in the section to look at. The second one tells me which shelf on that bookshelf my book is on. Lastly, the third number tells me which book it is.

For example, with the numbers 5, 6, and 18, I would go to the 5th bookshelf, look at the 6th shelf up from the bottom, and select the 18th book

Sometimes, when the numbers don’t work, or when I get a number such as 27 or something high for the first number, I will re-generate them to make sure I have three numbers that match the amount of bookshelves, shelves, and books in my public library.

For most people, it might seem strange to leave books up to chance, as reading a book requires a significant amount of emotional investment. However, it can be very exciting to see where fate leads you. I have discovered many hidden gems that I wouldn’t even have thought of reading through this game.

The best part of this game is that you are able to adjust and manipulate it to your liking. There are countless versions of the game that can be played and you can even play it with friends! It is a great bonding activity. To conclude, the blind book game is a great way to discover new books and new tastes in literature, and even to bond with new people!