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April 18, 2016

An Introduction to Wattpad

By Asia H.

Wattpad is an amazing website where novice authors can write and share their own stories for others to read. This website is great for when you want to take a break from purchasing new books, but it does take patience to find the perfect read.

Let's start with what to look for when searching for a good story.

  1. Book Rating: All books, like movies, on Wattpad are rated G, PG, PG13, or R. Be sure to look at the rating of a book before you begin reading it, it'll save you from a lot of trauma; I speak from experience.
  2. Published/Series Publishing: If a book is more than one chapter, it's likely that the chapters will be published in a series. This means every day, week, month, or even year the author will publish a chapter. Be sure to watch out for authors who haven't updated in awhile. This most likely means that they won't finish the book and you'll be left with a cliffhanger. When a book says “Published”, it means that all the chapters have been updated and the book is finished.
  3. Book Titles: Steer clear of books titled “OMG The Bad Boy Saved Me From a Gang” or “My Mom’s Making Me Move In With Her Friend’s Sons!!!!!”. Trust me, do not attempt to read these books. It means that the author has no idea how to properly title a book and that the story might not be that great. Instead, look for books titled “The Bad Boy Savior” or “Moving In With the Smiths”.
  4. Blurb/Summary: Like published books, look a book with a good blurb. Blurbs that begins with “Hi, my name is Savannah. I have blue eyes, blonde hair, and a pretty smile. I'm way shorter than my friends but that okay. Lately, I've noticed that my friend Ryan has been showing interest in me. Keep reading to find out what happen.” I'm not a pro at writing summaries myself, but look for those that seem like they'd be printed on the back cover of a real, published book.

Wattpad has many different book categories to explore including Suspense, Horror, Religious, etc but I mostly read in the Teen Fiction section. The Teen Fiction section also contains subcategories to explore (ex. Young Adult Suspense).

Wattpad also has a “Community” section where you can join different clubs, enter writing contests, and receive tips on how to improve your writing. Every month, Wattpad hosts a #JustWriteIt contest that consists of a person writing a story based on the topic for the month. For example, the topic this month is to imagine what life would be like on other planets.

If you're new to Wattpad, thinking about joining, or already a member but need something good to read I recommend The Gate by TaintedRain, The President’s Daughter by xoxo_mysteriousgirl, and Accidentally on Purpose by numbereddays. Once you find a book you really like, you can add it to your library and follow the author to read their other works.

If you take to time to search for a good book on Wattpad, this website can be very enjoyable. Even if you’re a person who writes for fun, publish your stories on Wattpad for a chance to gain fans.