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March 28, 2016

After The End - Guest Post by Beck Nicholas


Have you ever had trouble controlling your temper? From time to time, we all have experienced that one little thing that has thrown us over the edge.  Luckily, it usually doesn't result in murder (at least I sure hope not!) which is the case in Beck Nicholas' novel TEMPER. In this blog post, Nicholas explains to us why she decided to write a series of books rather than a standalone novel, using her love of endings as a starting point.

One of the very best parts of reading a book is that sigh as you close it for the final time (or swipe across) and ponder the end. It’s finished. The heroine or hero has won free or lost epically or ended up back where they started, depending on what kind of story it is.

I love the endings.

Love reading them, adore writing them.

But what happens after? How does the heroine or hero live with the choices they’ve made?

Do they have regrets?

This is where writing series is so much fun.

My YA novel TEMPER is the second in a series. In it, I got to write the story past the rush of Asher freeing herself from her status as servant. Not just herself but a whole spaceship full of people who gained freedom and independence thanks to her actions in LIFER (the first in the series).

Instead of leaving her there, I was able to follow her into the next stage of her life and investigate the possibility that ‘winning’ or getting what she wanted isn’t the happily ever after she hoped. In Asher’s case she had to hurt people (at the time she had no choice that she could see) and she had to lose her mother and brother. For her, ‘Happy’ will never be the same again.
And she’s not the only one. Her love did things he can’t find the words to talk about with
Asher now they have a temporary peace.

When the excitement of the battle is past, there is suddenly time for thinking and Asher struggles to live with her thoughts and memories. She questions whether the price paid for
victory was too much.

I love endings but writing about and exploring what happens next is the very best part of all.