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February 10, 2016

Valentine’s Series: Most Crushworthy YA Characters

By Asia H.

To celebrate Valentine's Day, some of our Teen Board members wrote blog posts to celebrate all things book crushes, romance novels and awesome fictional dates. Below, Asia H. reveals a few of her favorite YA heartthrobs.

Whether it be on a classmate, co-worker or celebrity. In my case, most of my crushes have been fictional teenagers from various young-adult novels. I’ve even gone as far as to create a Pinterest board dedicated to my literary heart-throbs.

The first on my list is Uriah Pedrad from the Divergent trilogy. Uriah is such a hard worker, ranking second under Tris in the final initiation. His goofball attitude is warm and friendly. This shows when he shoots a muffin off of Marlene’s head and eats it, afterwards. Uriah is also very loyal to his friends. When Tori tells Uriah that Tris is a traitor, he still acts friendly with her and brings Tris gauze for her wound.

Minho from THE MAZE RUNNER serves as my second book crush. Minho is a take action guy with a quick temper. One quality he has that I find different is his sarcasm and wittiness. Of all the books I’ve read, Minho is definitely the most sharp-tongued. Although he doesn’t always seem like it, Minho cares about his friends and is very loyal towards them. Friendship is a very important value to me so this draws him to my attention.