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February 8, 2016

Valentine’s Series: Ode to THE VESPERTINE


To celebrate Valentine's Day, some of our Teen Board members wrote blog posts to celebrate all things book crushes, romance novels and awesome fictional dates. Below, Vaishnavi S. writes an ode to her first ever book crush: Nathaniel from THE VESPERTINE by Saundra Mitchell.



I felt my heart skip a beat and I felt a new sensation of butterflies in my ten-year-old stomach as I continued to let the yellowed pages of my book transport me to a new world. I was reading THE VESPERTINE by Saundra Mitchell. I had a major crush on the main character's love interest, Nathaniel. In all respects, he was my first crush. Yes, I had my first crush on a fictional character.


From then on, any time I experienced heartbreak or loneliness in real life, I would turn back to the familiar pages of THE VESPERTINE to heal my emotional wounds. The feeling of knowing that Nathaniel and Amelia were there waiting for me was comforting all on its own. I even bookmarked the exact pages and line numbers where the best romance scenes took place, and I read them so many times that I memorized them.


There was a method to my madness, however. Not only do Amelia and Nathaniel share a secret and passionate love story where they share warm kisses on a cold night at the top of a balcony and go on secret rendezvous in carriages, but they’re simply great characters. They’re soul mates and they would both do anything for each other, but they also have their own lives and their own separate stories and character development.


I even bookmarked the exact pages and line numbers where the best romance scenes took place. 


It was THE VESPERTINE that got me really interested in the world of romance. Not many people are interested in romance novels, as they're considered "cheesy" and "cliché". However, love is a basic human instinct that we all crave, and romance novels are basically the comforting mac & cheese of the world of literature.


If you love romance, be sure to check out THE VESPERTINE. But also read it if you like historical fiction or magic, and, like my 10-year-old-self, you might just get hooked to a new genre.