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February 8, 2016

Valentine’s Series: How to Get Someone To Fall in Love with...Your Favorite Book

To celebrate Valentine's Day, some of our Teen Board members wrote blog posts celebrate all things book crushes, romance novels and awesome fictional dates.  Below, Aliza M. gives a lesson in how to help your favorite person fall in love with...your favorite book!

As book lovers, we all know that literature is essential to our relationships. If you’re going to ask me out on a date, you better have identified your Hogwarts house and your favorite genre of literature. How else could we possibly get along? The biggest struggle in a literature-based relationship is the topic of favorite books. We each connect to different pieces of writing for different reasons, but it can be endlessly frustrating when your date just doesn’t understand why you love THE MYSTERIOUS BENEDICT SOCIETY by Trenton Lee Stewart so much. “It’s a children’s book!” he says with a smile. “But it’s still my favorite!” you respond seriously. This topic is nothing to laugh about.

It is on that note that I present my top three tips for introducing your favorite book to an important person in your life.

Step One: Don’t talk it up too much.

Remember that time you read FRANKENSTEIN by Mary Shelley in middle school? Your teacher wouldn’t stop talking about how amazing this classic piece of literature is. That wasn’t fun, was it? But how about that time you chose to pick up LORD OF THE FLIES by William Golding on your own accord? It was an absolutely fantastic read, huh? The key is to let the book be discovered on its own, so don’t go crazy with the exciting descriptions.

Step Two: Give them the book

If you really want them to read your favorite book, don’t wait until he/she gets a chance to run to the library. Pick it up yourself, buy them a new copy or (if they’re especially trustworthy), let them borrow yours. Pestering him/her to pick up your favorite book won’t add too much to the excitement.

Step Three: Annotate

You might not be in literature class anymore, but annotations can be an awesome way to personalize a reading experience. Take a couple hours to read through your favorite book and highlight and underline everything: your favorite quotes, the characters you love the most, the funniest parts of the book. Leave notes after each chapter. Doodle in the margins. If you’re borrowing the book, use sticky notes. Whatever it is, don’t let the reading experience be boring. This book is important for a reason, make it special. Don’t forget a little note at the end congratulating him/her on finishing your favorite piece of writing!

Favorite books are no laughing matter. Literature is a defining factor in our lives and our favorite books are crucial to our existence. Where would we be without them? I wish you all the best of luck in introducing your favorite person to your favorite book this Valentine’s Day. Have fun!