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June 18, 2015

Teen Guest Review - THE COLOR PURPLE by Alice Walker


Shirleyka H. is a junior at International High School in Brooklyn, New York, and part of Girls Write Now --- a nonprofit organization that matches professional women writer mentors with teen writers mentees. Mentors and mentees meet individually and also as a group in genre workshops. At a recent workshop, both the mentors and mentees learned the ins and outs of book reviewing. Below we feature Shirleyka's review of THE COLOR PURPLE by Alice Walker. Read her thoughts below, and maybe it will inspire you to write a book review of your own!

THE COLOR PURPLE is an amazing book with interesting plot, diverse themes, great characters and strong writing.

The book takes place in rural Georgia in the early 1900s, where men felt a sense of superiority. They treated women like they were nothing but maids, and only meant to cook, work on the farms, clean and take care of children. This made the women both selfless and vulnerable. One of the protagonists, Celie, suffered a lot as an individual. She was sexually abused by the man that she thought was her biological father and, later, relentlessly mistreated emotionally and physically by her husband. Despite all of the struggles Celie faced, she never gave up.

THE COLOR PURPLE explores some important and intriguing themes, including racism, sexism and love. I particularly enjoyed the book because of Celie --- she is such an inspiring woman and motivates me to overcome my difficulties with faith.  Her voice rings so strong and true. Alice Walker is also a prodigious writer --- her writing gives the reader such profound insights into the characters’ lives and feelings. Not only did author Alice Walker make me see the things Celie sees, but she also made me feel the things Celie feels, which is not something all authors could pull off.

I would recommend THE COLOR PURPLE to both young adults and adults. It is heartfelt and will help people break gender stereotypes. To conclude, THE COLOR PURPLE is a must-read!

Shirleyka H. is a junior at the International High School at Lafayette in Brooklyn, New York. She is originally from Haiti, and writes mostly poetry and memoir.