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May 21, 2015

Underworld Prom --- Guest Post by illustrator Andi Watson


Long dresses may still rule the dance floor in our world, but underworld prom fashion is a little bit different --- just ask Andi Watson, author/illustrator of the graphic novel PRINCESS DECOMPOSIA AND COUNT SPATULA, which follows the budding romance between overworked royalty and a whimsical chef. She shares one of the underworld's most popular outfits, below --- be sure to test it out next time you're hanging out with your mummy and werewolf friends!

The Bat Gown: What all the young witches want to wear to the Underworld prom this season. Literally glide to the punch bowl in this liquorice effect black dress that will stun your friends and turn your enemies green with envy. Do not eat your wings if you wish to fly home at the end of the evening. Night-vision contact lenses optional.