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May 19, 2015

Rebel Belle Prom --- Guest Post by Rachel Hawkins


In REBEL BELLE by Rachel Hawkins, Harper Price doesn't have a particularly normal homecoming experience --- the ancient powers of Paladin are passed to her during the dance, and her life changes forever. But what about before that fateful night, when Harper just wants her almost-boyfriend David to go with her? Rachel writes Harper's prom ask below --- check it out!


I had done a lot of scary things over the past few months. Killed a homicidal history teacher, fought a magic-wielding nutbar and fought off a horde of mind-controlled townspeople. But this? Waiting for David to make some reply to what I’d just asked?

This almost seemed scarier.

He sat back in his chair there in the newspaper lab, running his hands over the back of his neck, fluffing his hair. “Prom?” he asked, like it was a word he’d never heard before.

I rolled my eyes. “Yes, prom. You, me, formal wear. Kind of a traditional thing for people who are dating?”

David looked over at me then, grinning, his blue eyes bright. “So you asking me to go with you is confirmation that I’m your boyfriend?”

Crossing my legs at the ankle, I gave a little shrug. “It seems clear you’re boyfie material.”

The grin immediately vanished from his face. “What did you just call me?”

I waved one hand. “Okay, fine. I’ll drop the ‘boyfie’ thing if you promise not to wear, like, a plaid tux or something.”

The smile returned, and David thrust out his hand to shake. “Deal.”