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May 15, 2015

Prom Memory --- Guest Post by Kasie West


Oftentimes authors draw from their own experiences when writing their books. Luckily, this wasnt' the case for Kasie West, author of  the new book THE FILL-IN BOYFRIEND --- at least not for the opening scene at the prom. Below, Kasie compares and contrasts her own experience with her protagonist, Gia's. Let's just say, it seems like Kasie had a lot more fun!


In the opening scene of THE FILL-IN BOYFRIEND, right away, we find out that Gia is having a disastrous prom experience. Her boyfriend breaks up with her. In the parking lot. She finds a replacement date on the spot. This (not surprisingly) is nothing like my prom experience. Let’s compare and contrast.

Gia: designer dress and handbag.
Me: a dress made at home by my mother. It was cute, but definitely not designer.

Gia: hot college-boy date.
Me: cute boyfriend who had recently shaved his head after playing Birdie in the school production of Bye Bye Birdie and dying his hair black for the role. So yes, my date was bald for prom.

Gia: broke up with in the parking lot.
Me: probably kissed in the parking lot but I don’t remember.

Gia: danced with a stranger most of the night.
Me: danced in high heels half the night and barefoot the other half.

Gia: lied to her friends because she thought she had to.
Me: laughed and danced with my friends because they were awesome.

Gia: went home and felt terrible.
Me: went home happy.

So as you can see, Gia’s prom disaster was definitely not inspired by my own experience. Good thing Gia’s story gets better after those opening chapters (well, after it gets worse)! All these memories of prom make me want to go back. This time I’d tell my boyfriend to keep his Conrad Birdie pompadour and wear it proudly.