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May 13, 2015

Prom Memory --- Guest Post by Elissa Sussman


Prom is one of the most exciting times of the year, and on Teenreads, we want to celebrate with a bookish twist!

Below, Elissa Sussman, the author of STRAY, reveals her own prom story, which proves that sometimes gettingready for an event turns out to be more memorable than the event itself! 


I was the captain of the girl’s swim team my senior year. The frosh-soph team decided that the captain of the guy's team and I should go to prom together, since neither of us had a date. He was one of the few guys I knew that was taller than I was, so I said yes because I wanted to wear heels.

I was a super awkward high schooler for the most part --- braces, zits, tall and gawky. But somehow, the night of prom was the night I came out of my awkward stage. I had this awesome flapper dress --- it was basically a lot of blue fringe that swayed and shook whenever I moved.

I went to school in the days before Sephora and Dry Bar, so I went to a make-up counter in the mall with my mom to get my make-up done (I didn’t learn how to apply it myself until after college) and to a hair salon to get my hair done. I wanted a flapper-inspired hairstyle, but the hairstylist had no idea what I was talking about so she just put my hair into a bunch of corkscrew curls. It should have looked terrible, but by some magic it looked awesome. My shoes were these clear plastic heels with black cutouts meant to look like vines and I loved them so much. I still have them, in fact.

We carpooled to the prom, barely ate the dinner, didn’t dance at all and went home. It was actually kind of boring, but it was the first time in high school I felt really pretty and therefore the whole night was totally worth it.