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May 11, 2015

Prom Memory --- Guest Post by Elaine Dimopoulos


Prom can be super awkward --- especially if you have a halting, uncomfortable conversation  during the diinner before the dance! When she was in high school, MATERIAL GIRLS author Elaine Dimopoulos and her friends did everything they could to make sure that that wouldn't happen --- check out the hilarious visual evidence, below!



It was 1996, and it had finally happened: the senior girls on the third floor of Day Hall Dormitory had secured dates for the prom.

And then, we panicked. We were friends, but our dates were acquaintances. What if the dinner hit awkward patches? What if no one spoke to each other?

So we actually made the drawing below. It’s a secret seating chart that maximizes the guys’ conversation potential (we went through a few drafts). I’ve recreated it roughly, changing all names but my own to protect the innocent.

My job was to run to the table and drag my date to the chair on my right. Then everyone would sit down in turn. We pulled it off, as I remember… and then, of course, the conversation bloomed organically. No one brought up squash, or chorus or --- here’s a shocker --- Math 580 that night.

But boy did we have fun making this compulsive chart.