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October 21, 2013

Teen Board: DIVERGENT Discussion

Last Monday, a few of the Teen Board members and I met to talk about DIVERGENT by Veronica Roth. We wanted to talk about the book, but also about what we were expecting from the upcoming movie adaptation. Because it was difficult to get everyone together (especially during the week) I sent some question to the Teen Board to answer.
Do you agree with the responses to these questions? Are you excited for the Divergent movie to come out in March 2014?
And n honor of the third book in the series, ALLIGIANT, being released tomorrow, we'll be posting another discussion for INSURGENT later this week! Keep an eye out for that.
Which faction would you choose to be in? Based on your family's values, which faction would you have been born into?
Lucy: I would choose to be Erudite because I love knowledge in general. If something fascinates me, I have to know EVERYTHING about it, no matter how long researching the subject might take. I know Erudites get a bad rep, and for totally understandable reasons, but that would be my first choice. However, once the attack on the Abnegations occurs, I would leave and become factionless. Killing innocent people is inexcusable. Based on my family's values, I'd be born into Erudite because we all love knowledge.

Aliza: I would choose to be in Erudite because i love reading and learning and researching! My family would probably fall into Candor. This isn't just because we believe in telling the truth. It's also because I don't think we really fall into any other categories.

Pranshu: If I absolutely had to choose, then I would pick Erudite. I love learning new things and I wouldn’t be able to stand not being able to learn about all the wonders of the world. Based on my family’s values, I think I would also be born into Erudite, as well. My family values education above everything else, so I would definitely be born in Erudite.

Kate: I believe I would have chosen to be in Dauntless. Based on my family's values, I probably would have been born into Candor.

Do you think that everyone fits into a faction? Which faction would you create if you don't think everyone fits?
Lucy: I definitely don't think that everyone fits into a faction because people have so many different qualities about them that it's difficult to give defining labels. For example, while I might choose to be an Erudite, I also think that I am brave, which would be Dauntless. There's not anything I can do about how I am constructed, but I am forced to make a lasting choice. I believe that Divergent should be its own faction for those that can't choose just one.
Aliza: I do not think that each person could fit into a faction. Everyone has a different mix of qualities. I would probably just fix up the "factionless" and turn them into a faction of their own where everyone is accepted.
Pranshu: I don’t think everyone fits into one faction. No one in the entire world is just selfless, intelligent, honest, kind or brave. We all have a little bit of everything in us. I think that that is one of the problems in the Divergent world. They thought that they could categorize everyone but what they were trying to do is fit a square peg into a round hole. If it was up to me, then I would eliminate all the factions. All they do is create problems that probably would have averted if there were no factions in the first place.
Kate: I think everyone could fit into a faction, but I also think that many people have multiple traits from different factions. The people I encounter in my life couldn't be placed into a single faction. Therefore, I believe the only thing to do is to combine all the factions. I'm curious to see if this is what will happen in ALLEGIANT.
How does initiation change and transform Tris? Do you think she made the right faction choice?
Lucy: Tris transforms SO MUCH throughout the initiation process. At first, she still wasn't sure whether she could in fact be Dauntless, but by the end, she knows that she does belong. However, I don't think she would be so sure of herself if it weren't for Four. Both of them being from Abnegation, I think they both made the right choice in joining Dauntless. If they had chosen another faction, they would not have been nearly prepared enough for the Abnegation attack and all that happened after.
Aliza: Initiation really makes Tris more selfless than she was in Abnegation. I think that once you actually have a reason to be selfless, it comes a lot easier. I definitely think she made the right choice. Tris fits in really well with the Dauntless crew.
Pranshu: I absolutely think Tris made the right decision in choosing Dauntless. It helped her grow as a person and helped her realize her true potential. Before, Tris was quite shy and never felt like she belonged. However, being in Dauntless, she made friends and learned things about herself she never would have otherwise. (Plus, if she never transferred to Dauntless, she wouldn’t have met Four and I ship Fourtris so Tris definitely made the right decision.)
Kate: Both mentally and physically Tris is a stronger person. She's not a shy, quiet Abnegation girl anymore, although she is still selfless. She realizes it's okay to assert her own opinion. Yes, I believe Tris made the right faction choice because it prepared her for what she will have to do in upcoming books.
At the beginning of the book, Tris does not understand what it means to be Divergent. How do you think she would explain it by the end of the book?
Lucy: Tris would explain being Divergent as not fitting into one mold. While some think that being Divergent is dangerous, she has finally excepted that she is special. However, I don't think Tris will realize the full potential of the Divergent until the middle of INSURGENT. 
Aliza: "Being Divergent means that you understand that there are many different qualities that are important for people to have. You can be honest, smart, brave, happy, and selfless all at the same time!"
Pranshu: I think Tris would explain being Divergent as something of a burden. It’s because she was Divergent that Jeanine wanted her and her family. She has to run because she is Divergent. Being Divergent led her to kill one of her best friends and do other things she never would have had she not been Divergent, and that’s why she views being Divergent as a burden.
Kate: By the end of the book I think she would describe it as being uncontrollable and undefinable.
The movie adaptation of DIVERGENT will be out in March 2014. What scene are you most excited to see on the big screen? Which scene are you most hesitant to see adapted?

Lucy: I don't have a particular scene that I am most excited for, but I really can't wait to see how Tris and Four are with each other. Shailene Woodley is one of my favorite actresses, so I'm looking forward to the chemistry between her and Theo James. As for the scene I'm most hesitant about, it would definitely be the scene where Four throws the knives at Tris during Dauntless initiation. Even though I know how it turns out I get so nervous just thinking about the way they filmed the scene!

Aliza: I am really excited to see the simulations in the movie. I think that they will be really interesting to watch. I am a little hesitant about watching the choosing ceremony. In the book, this was a really tense and emotional time and I'm not sure that can be displayed in a movie.

Pranshu: I’m very excited for the scene where Four is about to shoot Tris in the control room because he thinks she’s the enemy. It’s a very emotional scene and it would look great on the big screen. I’m a bit hesitant for the Ferris wheel scene. It wouldn’t be difficult to completely butcher that scene and make it look really cheesy, but fingers crossed that they’ll do a good job!

Kate: AHHHH I'm so excited for the movie! I am most excited to see Tris and Four's fear landscapes. In the book those were my favorite scenes to read, so I'm definitely excited to see them on the big screen. I am most hesitant to see the Ferris Wheel scene. In the chat, I believe Pranshu said that this scene could be either very good or very bad. I agree with her, but I'm hoping that they got it right!