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May 29, 2013

He Said/She Said: TANDEM by Anna Jarzab

Stereotypically, girl books are pink, have a girl on the cover and FILLED with sickeningly sweet romance. Boy books, on the other hand, are darker, have blood dripping or something more creepy on the cover and there are NO girls to be found. But we all know this isn't true, right? There are books that boys AND girls love!!!'s “He Said/She Said” feature aims to highlight a book each month to discuss its guy and girl appeal.

Last week, we put up a cover survey to ask YOU if you thought TANDEM by Anna Jarzab looked like a boy book, a girl book or both based on it's cover. Out of all of you who answered, 70% said the book looks like a girl book, 30% of you said it looked like it could be for girls AND boys...and none of you said it was just for boys.

In this blog, Patrick C. and Kate F. from our Teen Board talk about their thoughts on the book. The twist? They never saw the cover, title or author name! So they are weighing in without the visuals or context which may sway their opinions. Let's see what they have to say!

How would you describe the book?

He Said: I was so surprised about the book! The beginning was shaky, but I loved how it developed so much more! I was blown away at the world I was taken into, and I'm eager to find out the title of the book. 

She Said: This book was adventurous, exciting and had a hint of romance. Additionally, the whole world of this novel was incredibly interesting to read about and pulled you into the novel.

What are three words that you would use to describe it?

He Said: Enticing. Captivating. Gripping. 

She Said: Mysterious, Adventurous and Enthralling

What was your favorite part?

He Said: I would say my favorite part had to be when Sasha discovers what the king was saying about the numbers and the operation. It was very climactic to see how all the clues started to fall in their places.

She Said: My favorite part was when Sasha tries to escape from Thomas when she first arrives in Aurora. There, I felt like we learned that she has a strong spirit and wasn't afraid to try an find her way back home.

Did you have a favorite character and if so, what did you like about him/her?

He Said: My favorite character had to be either Sasha or Thomas because I liked how they relied on each other to get through situations, and it flowed. They also had highlights in each of their personalities that I grew to love. 

She Said: I really liked the character of Thomas. In the beginning of the book, he seemed so rigid and cold. He always did what his government asked of him. However, slowly he begins to learn that his government is not always correct, especially in its morals. Through what Sasha tells him, he begins to reform himself and not worry about the consequences.

Would you recommend this book to your friends who are girls? Why?

He Said: Yes, because it was a touch of that fantasy everyone wants to experience, and there's romance. 

She Said: Yes, I would recommend this book to my friends who are girls. I would recommend it to them because it has adventure, which a lot of my friends like. Additionally, it also has a little bit of romance. I feel that these two things make this novel a perfect book for girls to read.

Would you recommend this book to your friends who are boys? Why?

He Said: Yes, because I loved how there were some parts with Thomas's POV, and I was so surprised at how I liked those scenes a lot. Plus, the action is great :)

She Said: Yes, I would recommend this book to my friends who are boys because it's adventurous, and has a fair share of action. These two elements make this novel exciting to read, which I feel appeals more to boys.

There you have it! Both Patrick C. and Kate F. would recommend it to their friends who are boys AND girls. Do you think YOU are going to pick up a copy of TANDEM? It will be on sale on October 8th.