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May 10, 2013

Teen Board: Prom: The Night of Your Life or the Night to Stay In and Read?


Whether you love it or hate it, prom is a big part of the yearly high school calendar. Who is taking whom, what are you going to wear, where you are going to dinner, the fun, the excitement and the prama (prom-drama) seem to be all consuming for weeks prior (sometimes to the ad nauseam). Then it happens! The one magical night that you have been told time and time again you will remember for the rest of your lives. In honor of prom season, some of our junior and senior Teen Board members have written about their thoughts and experiences with prom and have included some excellent prom-themed reading suggestions!

“It the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas? No. Summertime? Not quite. PROM? Why of course! If you go to a public school and do not recognize that prom will be happening for you very soon or maybe currently, you probably live under a rock. Unfortunately, I am not going to prom this year. I've made myself into quite an anti-prom queen, perhaps secretly in hopes that I will get swept up in the magic of it all like Ashley from PROMby Laurie Halse Anderson did. Prom is stereotypically so many's the glitter on dresses, the guys in nice tuxes, the tanning sessions, the before and after parties --- It might be cliché, but it is also a huge part of a student's high school career. The opportunity to go might allow an individual to embark on the night of their wildest dreams!  If you end up not going to prom, though, there's always a Young Adult novel out there that can give you the prom experience...(maybe even better)… you might have missed by not going! My favorite prom story is the hilarious one found in PRINCESS IN PINK, the fifth installment in the Princess Diaries series by Meg Cabot. All Mia wants is to go to the prom with her extremely handsome boyfriend. I won't tell you what happens, but let's just say that with the Princess of Genovia, nothing ever goes as planned. Good luck to all of you preparing for and going to prom! I hope your story doesn't end up like one from the collection PROM NIGHTS FROM HELL.”

--Samantha W.


“I'll be honest: to me, prom is the equivalent of a root canal. I have never been to one nor do I plan to attend this year's prom at my high school. In fact, other than looking at pictures of my friends' prom dresses, I try to block out the whole prom madness. Here are a few good reasons why:

1. Prom is ridiculously expensive. Girls buy dresses that cost several hundred dollar that, while cute, are often too glitzy to ever wear again. (I could buy at least six more wearable dresses for the same price). Guys, I pity. They are often expected to pay for the tickets, their formal wear and dinner, which can be quite costly! (Girls feel free to split the price if you are going.)

2. The drama. Seriously, I will start screaming if I hear more "who-is-going-with whom" or "I-want-so-and-so-to-ask-me-out." If you want to go, just go and have a fun time. Don't worry about whether you have a date or not, much less someone else's date. Also, let me point out that you should not ask someone you don't like just to get a date; prom rejection is not the end of the world, and that it is perfectly okay for a girl to ask a guy. A friend of mine did that last year and it worked perfectly for her.

3. Are there not better places for a date? I question why going to a crowded room with a bad DJ and way too much PDA constitutes as a good time. Try picnics, amusement parks, museums or something you both enjoy doing. At the end of the night, it is really not prom that is so special but spending time with your friends or boyfriend/girlfriend. Why you want to do this at an overhyped prom as compared to anywhere else is beyond my comprehension.” 

--Cara S.


“My school already had prom this year but I didn’t go. I think if I had gone my favorite part would have been choosing what to wear. There are so many different dresses to choose from and you can pick one to best fit the “look” you’re going for --- glitz, classic, Old Hollywood --- everyone looks so different from the way they do everyday at school.  One of my favorite prom-themed books is DITCHED: A LOVE STORYby Robin Mellom.  It’s about a girl named Justine whose best friend Ian talks her into going to prom with him. However, when she ends up ditched and alone at 7-Eleven, she realizes prom isn’t going to be at all how she expected it.”

--Amanda P.


Have you gone/are you going to prom this year? What's your favorite Prom-themed YA read???