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December 28, 2011

An Interview with Josh Gates

Posted by Katherine


On Friday, December 2nd, Josh Gates --- writer, explorer and host of SyFy’s “Destination Truth” --- was in New York City attending a book signing for his recent work, DESTINATION TRUTH: Memoirs of a Monster Hunter.’s David Gromer had a chance to sit down with Josh for a brief interview about both his book and show.


First, David asked what Josh’s writing process was like. His answer, like many other writers’ answers, was “trial and error.” For lack of better terms, the secret is isolating yourself; locking yourself in a room and writing. One of the hardest parts is actually sitting down and focusing on the work.

David’s next question was about the book’s target audience. Josh mostly targeted fans of “Destination Truth” but also wanted to familiarize new viewers with the show’s origins and the traveling that must be done in order to make the program a reality.

When asked how difficult writing a book is as opposed to creating a show like “Destination Truth,” he answered, “Much harder. On the show, you can try a bunch of things and see what works, but you can’t do that with writing a book.” Writing the book was a much more rigid process, which is quite understandable.

Josh has been all over the world, searching for signs of the out-of-the-ordinary. David wanted to know what exactly drove such passion within him. His answer was plain and simple: telling a good story and bringing people along for the trip, showing the wonders the world has to offer.

David was curious about what’s in store next for the fifth season of “Destination Truth.” Josh just finished filming seven episodes, and he and his team will be headed to South America, Europe and Asia this next season, including the Mayan Ruins, which will be a tremendous opportunity. It’s not every day that someone gets to explore such ancient archaeological treasures. They also will be going to Switzerland for the first time, as well as Vietnam, in pursuit of another Bigfoot–like creature. We think his fans will enjoy that!

Along with all the thrills his travels have delivered, Josh has experienced many things that would make an ordinary man abort the mission with some loaded pants (he found that amusing). David asked what inspires him to stay on the path, despite the horrors and insurmountable odds of success. Quite the contrary to David’s thoughts, the odds are not so insurmountable at all. Josh knows that most of these creatures are myths and legends, and all he’s wishing to do is separate the fact from the fancy. In addition, it is the adventure as a whole that makes everything worthwhile. All the flat tires, leech bites, bad food, etc. just seem insignificant by comparison. Besides, when you have free run of all these places, it feels like you’re a child loose in a candy store.

Finally, David asked Josh what the hardest part of writing his book was. His answer? Creating a balance between the show and its content, and the travel aspect of it all. The spirit of adventure and the excitement associated with it just make you want to write on and on about one thing, but a book like this does not call for that.

It was quite a thrill for David to chat with Josh, and we hope to get a follow–up interview at some point to answer more questions from his fans.