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June 27, 2011

Joy Preble: What Haunts Me

Posted by jordana

joy preble.jpgHaunted by Joy Preble.jpgIn Joy Preble's HAUNTED, being haunted isn't just a phrase. Here, Joy talks with Teenreads about the things that haunt her to this day.  

In Haunted, my sequel to Dreaming Anastasia, everyone is haunted by something – crazy Russian mermaids, things they did in the past, things didn’t or couldn’t do in the past. In the final book of the trilogy, Again and Again, slated for 2012, everyone will get the ultimate ‘be careful what you wish for’- a chance to revisit those moments that set their journeys in motion. Of course Anne will get up close and personal with Ethan’s past love life. Now that will haunt a girl!

What haunts me?
Driver’s Ed: My junior high science teacher Mr. Levin – who suffered through my goofy antics in sixth, seventh, and eight grade – reappeared in my life as my tenth grade driver’s ed teacher. Let’s just say that he pressed the passenger side brake a lot. Once I saw a really big vein appear down the middle of his forehead. He passed me with a D - “as long as you promise never to get behind the wheel of a car again.” – the same grade he gave to the girl who bashed the car into the driver’s ed portable and knocked it off one of the cement blocks. Really, Mr. Levin?
The Re-bound Boyfriend Freshman Year in College: He was on a fencing scholarship. He had a sweet smile. We had zero in common. I should have known better. I didn’t. He broke up with me the day after Valentine’s. Over the phone.
Pretending That I was Able to Coach Volleyball in Order to Get My First Teaching Job: I had played volleyball in college. On a coed - intramural team.  With the boyfriend who prompted the rebound. I had a killer serve. That was about it. I was seriously the Worst. Coach. Ever. I used to throw up before every game. It was the saddest performance evaluation I’ve ever received. It probably should have been harsher.
A Wide Variety of Lifetime Fashion Faux Pas: The side pony in the 80’s. Clogs. A brief love affair with the Bedazzler. Insisting that my prom date wear a powder blue tux… and thinking it looked good. Denim overalls (both short and long variety). My leopard peep toe pumps.  The gel nails I got three weeks ago, which look amazing and have yet to chip. Somehow the part about ‘to get them off you’ll have to dip your hands in acetone for like an hour’ got lost in my exuberance to leap on the manicure train.
Of course there are the serious ones, too, but honestly, I’m not a big believer in beating myself up over them. Failure has always been one of my greatest motivators! Writers need a thick skin to survive the rejections and have the tenacity to try again. Dreaming Anastasia went through a lot of revision and rejection before it found me an agent and then a publisher.
Want to tell me what haunts you? Check out my website, or my blog, and let me hear what you have to say. And don’t forget that both Dreaming Anastasia and Haunted are available now!
--- Joy Preble