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April 21, 2011

Bianca Turetsky: Prom Season!

Posted by jordana

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Today we have author of THE TIME-TRAVELING FASHIONISTA, Bianca Turetsky, chatting with us about her prom experience.


It’s Prom Season! And although it has been, ahem, a few years since I attended my own prom, I still remember it like it was last year. Because, you know, it’s kind of a big deal. But probably not in the way you might expect. I think those weeks leading up to prom ended up being way more fun and exciting than the actual dance. The anticipation, the possibility, devouring every prom-themed magazine issue. I guess a lot of experiences are like that.

But first – and in my opinion, most importantly – what to wear? It probably won’t come as a surprise that I wore vintage to my prom. Considering that my book, The Time-Traveling Fashionista, is about a 12-year old girl who is obsessed with vintage clothing and ends up having a crazy time-traveling experience thanks to one magical dress, it now seems kind of like the perfect choice.

Prom was the first and last time I wore a floor length dress (I swear, I’m just too short to pull off the maxi). It was a gorgeous long black halter dress that would have made Marilyn Monroe proud. But at the time, it seemed as though everyone else in the junior class bought their dresses at Seychelles, a fancy, but in my mother’s opinion, way overpriced boutique downtown. They had a gorgeous showcase window full of satin and sequins that I would pass by every day on my way to swim practice. I begged my mom to splurge $300 on a fabulously impractical gown that I’d wear once.

She refused, and in retrospect I’m glad. Because I still have that timeless black dress I found for a fraction of the price hanging in my closet at my parents’ house, and maybe one day I’ll slip it on again and get transported back to that night at the New Haven Lawn Club where I hid from my date all night (sorry Jessie!) and danced with my friends, and I can still see the slight grease stains on the silky fabric where I accidentally wiped my hands after eating an oozing grilled cheese and tomato sandwich at the Athena diner at midnight. And I’m sure I would have thrown out that Seychelles dress (and those memories embedded in the fabric) years ago.

--- Bianca Turetsky