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March 5, 2011

Jen Calonita: My Favorite Secrets of My Hollywood Life Moments

Posted by jordana


Jen Calonita, the author the Secrets of My Hollywood Life series, talks a little bit about finishing the series, and some of her favorite moments.

Finishing the final Secrets of My Hollywood Life novel makes me feel like I’m graduating all over again, just without the gaudy cap and gown. I’m really excited to concentrate on my next series, Belles, which is set in a privileged southern community with girls wildly different from Kaitlin and Sky. But the other part of me wants to reach for a giant bag of Oreos (Kaitlin’s, Nadine’s, and my own personal wallowing treat of choice) and have a little crying session about leaving the world of Hollywood and the Burkes behind. What I really need is some Secrets closure. If I could, I’d have a huge party with lots of cupcakes, a cute red carpet, and a giant book chat with every Secrets fan in the world to discuss our favorite Kaitlin moments. But since that is probably a tad unrealistic, what I’d like to do instead is share my favorite Secrets moments with you.

1. I love Kaitlin and Sky’s choreographed catfight in the second book, On Location. After Sky had been so awful to Kaitlin in the first book, I really wanted to write her a moment where she gets payback. Creating havoc during a choreography training session was too much fun to pass up. Kaitlin finally gets to hit Sky hard, the way she’s always wanted!

2. Kaitlin’s leopard print handbag in Book 4, Paparazzi Princess, was not only the basis for the book’s cover, it also said a lot about the state of Kaitlin’s mind in the book. Poor Kaitlin was so confused and fed up that she started hanging out with Ava Hayden and Lauren Cobb. They were more toxic to Kaitlin than Sky ever was, culminating in the nightmarish Sure! photo shoot. I loved writing that scene where the girls show up and mess up everything including the couture (which Calou, Ava’s dog, pees on!).

3. Family Affairs – Book three is still one of my favorite Secrets because it reminds me of Star Wars – good and evil having to work together to defeat the bigger bad. In this case, I’m talking about Kaitlin and Sky taking down Alexis. I loved how these enemies left that book not necessarily as friends, but definitely a step closer to being frenemies. Sky and Kaitiln’s evolving relationship has been one of my favorite things to write about in this series, just like…

4. Sky! She and Laney are probably my two favorite characters to write lines for. They just say whatever pops into their head, whether it stings or not! Sky says the things I wish I could say sometimes, and she does it in a way that is so cold that you want to hit her, but deep down, she’s usually (okay, sometimes) right. I think we all need a friend like Sky to tell us when we’re being completely unreasonable. She definitely makes Kaitlin think.

5. And think is what Kaitlin does in THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME. I love this book so much because it gives Kaitlin the closure she deserves about her career. Once you read it you’ll know once and for all what Kaitlin is going to do with her life. It’s sort of my love letter to the fans. I hope you’ll be as happy with the conclusion as I am. Writing the final Secrets has definitely been the best graduation that I’ve ever had.

--- Jen Calonita