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February 25, 2011

Lisi Harrison: Saying Goodbye to The Clique

Posted by jordana

lisi.jpgtaletwopretties.jpgToday's guest author, Lisi Harrison --- known for her Clique books --- blogs for Teenreads about wrapping up such a popular series. Mainly, the WHYs behind it all. We want to know! But for you heart broken fans of The Clique and Pretty Committee et. al., while the curtain may be closing on The Clique, Lisi's Monster High series is ready and waiting for you! The next book THE GHOUL NEXT DOOR, will be out in April. 


All good things must come to an end. Leave while the party is still going. It’s better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at...Ehmagawd, ENOUGH!

Cliches are even more ah-nnoying when we’re upset, aren’t they? Those smug little sentences think they’re sooo much better than we are. Judging us for being emotional while passive-aggressively urging us to stop moping and get on with it. Like they have all the answers. Like they never lick their wounds. Like they aren’t bummed the Clique Series is over. Puh-lease! Well, here’s one for ya; easier said than done!

I know I’m the one who shut down the series but it’s still sad. I shared my brain with the Pretty Committee for the last eight years. And if those studies are true, and we only use seven percent to begin with, you can imagine how close we were. I gave up my career at MTV for those girls. I stopped breathing fresh air and cut myself off from society. I went through five offices, three laptops, typed the letters A and E off two keyboards, lost a book when my computer crashed (Summer Collection: Dylan), wore out the leather on my office chair, laughed out loud ALONE at least eighty times (the hardest while I was writing about “Flyarrea” in (name the book _______) and loved every minute of it. I truly did.

So why did I eat my young?

I explained the socio-political (boring word, I know, sorry ‘bout that) reasons in the letter I wrote in Tale of Two Pretties so I won’t go into that again. Instead I’ll dig deep and give you the emotional reasons.

Many of you suggested I continue the series and show the PC in High-School or college. And I gave it some thought. But in the end I decided I didn’t want to see the Pretty Committee grow up. Why? For the same reasons your dads get a barfy feeling when they think about you dating. You see, they know what boys can be like (perv-dogs) and they don’t want to imagine their perfect little girls in the company of PDs. They want you to remain pure and innocent forever. Even though you won’t, they will lie to themselves for as long as they possibly can to believe you will. When it comes to my Clique girls I feel the same. A lip-kiss is as far as I can go.

Hardly innocent, the PC are still somewhat pure. And I want to keep them that way. I want to believe Massie will never ask Kendra about birth control (Ew!). Alicia will never show her c-cups on the internet. Kristen will never ditch soccer practice because she did too many tequila shots the night before. Dylan will never try drugs. Claire will never spend her first paycheck on three inch Louboutins that she can’t even walk in. Barfy feeling anyone? My head is over the trash can as I type.

So I must leave my girls where they are. Preserve them and hold them in that perfect tweeny place in time. The magic hour of life. When we are a perfect blend of old and young. Too mature to be treated like kids, too wide-eyed to be treated like adults. If I could keep you there too, I would. Dad’s all over the world would worship me. But I can’t. Growing up is part of life. But the Clique girls? I can spare them.

And so I have.

--- Lisi Harrison