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November 1, 2010

Daniel Nayeri: ANOTHER PAN Soundtrack

Posted by jordana
danielanddina.jpgFor our first book, we had lots of people ask what songs we’d put into a soundtrack for ANOTHER FAUST. I had no idea, I was like, “well, I guess songs about people selling their souls…and, um, other stuff.” After a while, I finally thought of a few songs, but Since D and I are about to start our second tour, I figured I’d get a head start this time. These are a few of the songs that I think would make the ANOTHER PAN soundtrack. They’re all awesome, and come with handy-dandy links. I hope you like them.

The Korean American rapper from the underground L.A. scene has a ton of fun tracks. Mostly, I like that he flows melodically (as opposed to the harder sounding rappers who break up their scansion). Obviously, the one to watch is called, “Peter Pan Complex.” It’s practically the inner monologue for our version of Peter. Here’s a portion:


I remember being a prodigy

I’m not special anymore there’s a lot of Me’s

Younger cats that are way more promising

This kind of thing

Shouldn’t bother me

But as you grow you start to think

Like am I too old to follow dreams

Everyday I hope that time will freeze


Also, check out this video, where Dumbfounded ninja kicks another dude. How can you not love this guy? Kick ya in the face!

2) Jay-Z + Mr. Hudson – “Forever Young”


This one is easy. I could listen to this song on repeat for 8 hours a day, for an entire work week. Oh, wait, I did that already. I love how terrifying this song is…I can’t tell whether the mournful sound is because no one can be forever young, or because everyone seems to want it.


3) Katy Perry – “Teenage Dream”



Most celebrities seem to have a Peter Pan thing going on…half of them don’t even know howto do their taxes, but if I had to pick one to be the “most,” erm, complexed, I’d say Katy. Aside from some of the painfully clueless singles like, “Ur So Gay,” she generally seems like a 28-year-old 6th grader. Can’t deny that she sings some of the catchiest songs though. “Teenage Dream” gets the nod this time cause of the line, “We can dance, until we die / You and I, we’ll be young forever.”


Which makes me ask: So, you die, and then you stay young forever? What are you trying to tell us about the After-Life, Katy Perry? What spiritual truth are you hinting at? Is there a deep cosmology in your songs, like the Dead Sea Scrolls? What’s that? I misspelled “gayyy”? Oh, right, sorry.


4) Tryad – “Beauty”


This one is for Wendy. One thing we wanted to have with Wendy was to show an independent young woman, who has all kinds of great qualities going for, and then to have her experience a kind of relationship that doesn’t seem awful or abusive on the surface, but is actually extremely damaging. Quite a few readers have already noted how much she seems to change from the first half of the book to the second half. For us, this was the idea that a relationship with Peter seems attractive at first, but only pressures someone into becoming self-involved. Everyone knows that couple that lose all their friends cause they’re too busy obsessing over each other. Inevitably, the break up is terrible, and they both turn around and realize they’ve been ignoring all the people who could have helped them through it.


I really liked this aspect of Wendy. We got to see her experience the consequences of living like Peter without a “domestic abuse” scene, or anything hyperbolic. It just, sort of changed her. Peter turned her attention from all the goals she had for herself, all the promises she had made. He wasn’t making her better. Also, this song is really pretty.