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October 15, 2010

If You Ask Me: Will, Carli, Georina, and Alia

Posted by jordana

IfYouAskMe.jpgFor today's round of If You Ask Me, we have Will, Carli, Georina, and Alia.

If you could trade places with any character from a book for a day, who would you be and why?

CARLI: I would trade places with Kaye from Dragonspell. She started out as a normal slave girl but with the discovery of a dragon egg her whole world changes. I think it would be fun to change places with her because then I would be able to live with dragons and doneels and creatures that don’t exist in our world today.

GEORINA: Hermione granger from Harry Potter because she is a witch, she is smart and can cast spells.

ALIA: If I could trade places with any character from a book for a day...I’d trade with Ani from the Wicked Lovely Series by Melissa Marr. I would because even though you haven’t read much about her, yet, she has a loving family, friends, and rulers. There are other reasons as well, but those are the most important...

What is the last book you read? Would you suggest it to a friend? Why or why not?

WILLA: The Kingdoms and the Elves 3 from author Robert Stanek. I think it’s amazing and have told friends to read it. It’s really neat and I liked the characters especially Vilmos and Adrina.

GEORINA: Fallen by Lauren Kate yes I would it was a great book and I would suggest it to people who like romance action books.

ALIA: The last book I read was Thirst 2. Would I suggest it to a friend? Yes. I would suggest it to a friend because it’s a story that has meaning to it. It has a great moral, and teaches meaning.

Name three characters from a book that you'd like to invite to your birthday party.

CARLI: I would love to invite Seth Clearwater from the Twilight Saga, and Fang and Max from Maximum Ride. Those characters are so cool and they would be awesome to know.

GEORINA: Harry potter from Harry Potter, Edward Cullen from Twilight and Clary from City of Bones.

If you had the opportunity to meet any author (dead or alive), who would you choose to meet, and what three questions would you ask him/her?

WILLA: Robert Stanek. I’d ask him: How come Edward died? I liked him. Is the dark lord still inside Vilmos? Is Adrina ever going to get married?

GEORINA: Cassandra Clare. What inspires you to write your books? Your favorite books? What is the Infernal Devices about?

What movies have you seen that were based on books? Did you like the book or film version better? Why?

CARLI: I saw the Twilight movies, the movies sucked. They were just terrible; the books on the other hand were awesome. I think I didn’t like the movie because it didn’t fit the book and the actors were just weak.

GEORINA: Harry Potter the book because the book has more detail and it makes it easier to understand it because there is no cut out bits.

Tell us about your favorite book series.

ALIA: I love the Morganville Vampire series by Rachel Caine. The books are addicting and unlike other vampire novels people are writing these days, it’s not just some love story. Claire moves to Morganville, Texas where she learns that vampires run the town. Each book has a different problem that she and her friends must face.