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September 15, 2010

The Artemis Rocks! Show Tour

Posted by jordana

screen.jpgLast night was the first night of the Artemis Rocks! show tour, starting off in New York City. And, as anyone who's either seen Eoin Colfer live or read the ARTEMIS FOWL series, you know this man is hilarious.

I'm talking pain in the abdomen-and-cheeks funny. Need-to-stop-laughing-so-I-can-replenish-oxygen-to-the brain funny. Good-lord-seriously-STOP- funny. Was-that-a-poop joke? OMGyesitwas. AND it was FUNNY-noseriouslyIsaidIneedtoBREATHE!!!.)

You get the idea. 

So what is the Artemis Rocks! show? 

eoin colfer.jpg

First things first, it's great (just in case you missed my earlier exaltations). The show started with Eoin Colfer being, well, Eoin Colfer. Story after story! I would repeat them here, but I have the feeling that would defeat the whole thing if you choose to see him on tour, which you should. (Click here to see if he's coming to an area near you.) I will say that my particular favorite anecdote had to do with "volcanoes" (initiates into the Artemis Rocks! show club will know what I mean). 


After a bit of stand-up hilarity, Eoin sat down at a shiny desk and introduced Jon Scieszka, the author THE STINKY CHEESE MAN AND OTHER FAIRLY STUPID TALES, THE TRUE STORY OF THE THREE LITTLE PIGS, and MATH CURSE. Jon has also founded a literacy program for boys --- Guys Read --- and that was discussed as well.

After the interview with Jon, none other than the amazing Artemis Fowl himself arrived on stage. 

Can you pick the real Artemis? Is it A, B, or C










If you guessed "C" you were correct!

Although props to "A" --- Amie from PA on the far left, who dressed up as Artemis and was pretty convincing! Oh yeah, who was the mysterious "B"? That's secret agent Carol Fitzgerald, the founder and president of The Book Report Network and

Aaaand, some answers put to the real Artemis Fowl:
Q: Any romantic entanglement with Holly?
A: (And I paraphrase) She's about 75 years old in human years. So, no. 

Q: Will there be more books?
A: I certainly hope so.

Keep in mind, this is Artemis talking. He could be out of the loop you know? Hopped up on the fairy juice, if you get my drift. 

And then, a music video! Voila!

So, in other words...go check out the tour if it's in your area!